Borisov S. V., Levchuk V. I.


This article analyzes the architectural solutions of the museum spaces of Orthodox churches. We reviewed the pre-revolutionary and modern domestic experience of keeping Christian relics in the church. The article analyzes the questions of preservation of icons - the museum values in the temples. The structure of the temples, besides the traditional parts of the liturgical and auxiliary purposes, we recommended to include spaces for the museum exhiЬits. We have developed а compositional scheme of the temple with separate regimes of the exploitation of the spaces. For transfeпed to the temple objects of cultural heritage we have demonstrated the possiЬility of а regular study Ьу museum specialists. This article provides recommendations on the application of sys­tems engineering equipment. We have developed requirements for the temple spaces in­tended f or temporary or permanent placement of Orthodox shrines, sent from museum.
Numerous examples of the Russian history indicate the absence of insuperaЫe contradictions between the understanding of the religious values of the icon and the real­ization of its artistic and historical qualities. Training of personnel, scientific and meth­odological advice for rector of the church, cooperation with the museums are the major components of the ordinary tasks of preserving works of art, belonging to the Church. At the present time it is necessary to develop а special approach to architectural and planning solutions temples and temple complexes, related to the protection, preservation and ac­cess conditions to the shrine - а museum value.

Keywords: an icon, conditions of keeping, exhiЬit, Orthodox church, the Church property, а museum, икона, имущество Церкви, музей, православный храм, условия хранения, экспонат