Vider A. P., Prokof'eva I. A.


This work is devoted to the outstanding Mexican architect - Luis Barragan - who in his work has formulated principles of regional trends in modemism. With the general trend towards the study of regional trends, the theme ofMexican archi­tecture and the brightest of its representatives is still very little studied, especially in the domestic theory and history of architecture. In this regard, the availaЫe sources are dis­tributed is not quite accurate understanding ofthe development ofthe Mexican regional­ism. This article attempts to address the work Barragan in the context ofEuropean archi­tecture to identify not only the origins ofhis artistic discoveries, but also to determine the impact on the world architecture in consequence had his ideas and work. Spend analysis ofBaпagan's projects, realized in different periods. The development of his method in­volves changes to the style and design approach. Given some historical overview of the causes and development ofthe regional style. It showed the cultural context within which emerged the ideas of European modemism. Proposed cultural studies estimate of Bar­ragan' s entire work and his influence on architecture.

Keywords: color, modemism, planar minimalism, regionalism, traditional ele­mets, модернизм, плоскостной минимализм, регионализм, традиционные элементы, цвет