Gudina N. S., Shipitsyna O. A.


This article explores the history of airport terminal complexes. The first airport terminals were built for transportation purposes only and seemed to lack any architectural significance. As time went Ьу, the "architect's perception" of the terminal changed, reflecting the intertwined technological and social changes. That is why, when we study the historical trends, we can identify the key time points, provide descriptions and uncover causal relationships. Тhis study identifies the key stages in the development of international airport terminal design in Russia and foreign countries. Ву taking а close look at the sequence of events and trends in the field, it is possiЫe to detect certain pat­tems that arose in the early stages of its history and to соте up with recommendations to guide further development. It is important therefore to analyze the architecture of the air terminals that exhiЬit а careful comЬination of modem construction techniques and the obvious use of the global trends on the one hand and regional architectural traditions on the other, and show their individual character Ьу highlighting the local cultural features.

Keywords: airport complex, period, terminal, аэровокзальный комплекс, период, терминал