Dzutceva Z. V.


The object of this research is the puЫic space as а connection be­tween man and nature in the urban structure. And the subject of the study is an open puЬlic space for stargazing in the city limits. The study is devoted to solving proЫems associated with displacement of natural components of urban structure. The negative impact of the situation in cities ofRussia and the world on the comfort level of society, on human health makes us think about the future development of the city's architecture. The study identi­fied the causes of the situation and formed several ways to prevent further development of urban space in this direction. Paying attention to the relevance of the study situation, not only in Russia but also at the intemational level, we emphasize how important it is to make changes in the future, the development of modem architecture. The formation of the solution, we рау particular attention to the way the introduction of open puЫic space in the city. The result of this work is to develop а unique object with simple properties, but contains all the requirements necessary to create human contact with the natural en­vironment in the city structure and in the specific case of heavenly outdoor space. The site, located within the city limits, creates an atmosphere where everyone feels part of а huge universe. The location of the structures allows visitors to see the open sky, not clut­tered with tall buildings and wires that filled the city. The observation deck on the Eastem and Western sides provide great views for sunrises and sunsets. Our research allows to conclude that the only solution is the synthesis architectural forms and natural environ­ments.

Keywords: architecture, buildings, construction, design, industry, natural environment, nature, object, sky, space, structure, архитектура, астрономия, естественная среда, застройка, конструкция, небо, объект, природа, проектирование, промышлен­ность, пространство, структура