Kikot' E. A., Kozyrenko N. E.


The article considers issues of f oпnation of ancestral estate based on land plot which is huge enough to supply basic and supposed functions. The ownership of land was not always а simple possibility due to law and juridical complications.
However, following innovations in legislative framework of RF and "Far East Hectare" it is more real to revive an ancestral estate.
It helps to solve the proЫem of ecological balance of human living environment and resettlement of citizens, which is necessary.
А current situation requires а new approach to solve socio-economic proЫems and to create conditions to prevent а social tension, which may realize а forming of an­cestral estates in consort with а development of agronomy, farmery and other types of land uasage.

Keywords: Ancestral Home, Cottage, design, f orms of land use, housing, legal aspect, types, а bill on the land, жилье, законопроект о земле, правовой аспект, проектирование, Родовое поместье, типы, усадьба, формы землепользования