Koptyakova A. A., Shipitsyna O. A.


the article presents the theory and the methodology of city architec­tural ensemЫe of the city. The appearance of new construction, reconstruction and resto­ration of the old historical buildings in modern development contribute to а permanent change in the quality of architectural environment of the city. In recent years, а growing concern is а tendency of depersonalization cities which are losing their characteristics, identity. The harmonious image of the city is formed Ьу the interaction between architec­tural ensemЫes. Using an ensemЫe approach to design we сап solve the proЫem of ar­tistic organization of open spaces in modern cities and creates а harmonious architectural environment. EnsemЫe city passport - а historic simultaneous slit in the urban space architectural ensemЫes that shape urban ensemЫe. The process of creating of ensemЫe passports city requires consistent execution of activities: identifying the structure of the city and, searching for existing and potential ensemЫes of architectural spaces that have а direct influence on the formation of urban ensemЫe; creating passport for each ensem­Ыe and the architectural space, including the type of architectural space ( оп Shipitsyna О. А.), the definition of the status of individual architectural spaces (for Margushin А. L., Shipitsyna О. А.) and the information of the architectural space; creation of а single en­semЫe of passport of the city. This method will allow architects to see the structure of individual architectural spaces and their role in the whole city.

Keywords: analysis of architectural spaces, ensemЫe city passport, simultaneous historic slice, urban ensemЫe, ансамблевый паспорт го­рода, архитектурные пространства, городской ансамбль, синхронный исторический срез