Baklyskaia L. E., Kornienko I. O.


The article contains few intense parts that reveal the theme of proper design of landscaping in recreational areas and also landscaping on the whole. The first task is devoted to the disclosure of the definition of the water area in its essence and its species diversity. The second task is the interpretation of landscaping both urban and pri­vate character. The analysis was conducted on materials ofRussian and foreign specialists and allowed to come to а proЫem solution of landscaping on the whole which is an inte­grated approach. Therefore, the territory will become useful and not only attractive for eyes, but also safe for people living near this area and vacationers.
Also the way of reorganizing of complex and flat relief with areal distribution will Ье considered. This method is geoplastics - the artificial creation of the relief or change of relief. This technique was used at all times in landscape art and it appropriates nowa­days. Great achievement in changing the elevation was reached Ьу the Italians. Their gar­dens are located on the slopes, so it is necessary to create the aligned plots. Retaining walls, stairs, terraces are characteristic f eatures of Italian gardens, but these elements are loved in other countries. This work was performed for the quality and comprehensive analysis of recreational areas of the surrounding grounds of the cottage village based on the consideration of all above-raised proЫems. The end result allowed us to conclude that urban landscaping doesn 't differ from the village in its town-planning and socio-demo­graphic factors that affect the environment.

Keywords: geoplastics, landscaping, recreation, the urban environment, the village territory, The water area, Акватория, благоустройство, геопластика, городская среда, поселковая территория, рекреация