Kradin N. P., Radonezhskii N. A.


This article is devoted to the revealing of the historical value of trans­ferring aircrafts through the special air route from the USA to the west front of the USSR according to the lend-lease contract. The government couldn't accept the routes existing in 1941, which were unreliaЫe and not effective enough. That was the reason of creating а new air route. On October 9th 1941 the State Committee of Defense decreed to organize the aircrafts delivery from the USA to the USSR Ьу air. The General Directorate of Civil Air Fleet was entrusted to create the Stalin route Alaska-Siberia. Several options of dif­ferent routes were considered and studied. Eventually the one through the Bering Strait, the Central areas of Chukotka and У akutia up to Кrasnoyarsk was chosen to make. The length of the whole route from Alaska to the German-Soviet front was about 14 thousand km. In November 1941 they began to reconstruct the already existing airports. In 1942 the new ones were started to Ье built. Within 1 О months 16 airfields were built and recon­structed. Overall during the Great Patriotic W ar despite the severe weather conditions 26 airfields and 274 wooden buildings and constructions were built and equipped over the whole route. The Construction, which without exaggeration can Ье called heroic, played а fundamental role in The Great Patriotic war and led to а further exploration of the most inaccessiЫe areas of our planet. During the war, according to the lend lease contract, 7908 single-engine and twin-engine aircrafts, а large amount of military equipment, food, household goods, stationery, 307 tons of mail (including 187 tons of diplomatic mail), hospital equipment for hospitals were delivered. It is hard to overestimate the value the Stalin route Alaska-Siberia Construction among the events of the Great Patriotic War. Such а great number of airfield constructions served as the basis for the development of Northem territories in peacetime.

Keywords: airfield; the airport; history; The Second World War;, Alaska-Siberia, the Stalin route, аэродром; аэровокзал; история; Вторая Мировая Война; «Сталинская трасса» Алсиб