Drauzin Y. U., Savostenko V. A.


The study is dedicated to research an appropriate image of а puЬlic building - The Museum of а Sailing Sport in Vladivostok. That work was provided dur­ing а graduate design. The amount of buildings in Vladivostok seaside, which hold the local or function semantic, is very poor. In the other hands the site where the Museum placed, is popular for puЬlic recreation, and keep many route intersections. Theref ore is extremely important to make the building of Museum as а City Symbol, which absorbed the key semantic images of exactly place and activity. There were analyzed the key-se­mantic images specific to а sailing sport, which were researched in observations, analysis and active participation in sailing. The key-semantic images which were revealed are: the image of the single and multihull boat, the semantic of the group of sails during regatta in Amursky Вау, the image of а seaman knots are used in sailing sport, the energy of waving sail, the semantic of sharp shapes which are common in the yachting world. The semantic of mentioned characters and types of activity were analyzed in hand drawings stage Ьу stage. Than the researched hand graphic images were turned into geometry shapes. Than that shapes were carefully assemЫed during the design process of the Mu­seum of Sailing Sport. As а result the building holds suitaЫe image of local symbol, which aimed Ьу architects for а good for social identity and perfect site perception.

Keywords: hand drawing, knot, museum of sailing sport, proportion, semantic, the sail, transformation, trimaran, музей яхтенного спорта, парус, пропорция, ручная графика, «семантический код», трансфор­мация, тримаран, узел