Burnasheva M. M., Yankovskaya Y. S.


The article is a rationale of justified approach, applied for study in master's thesis, aimed at creating the concept of a philharmonic complex by comparing architectural styles. Flexible ideology lying in the base of approach allows reading a variety of forms, not carried away with the ideology of a particular, expanding and en-riching the arsenal of used forms, images, paths for your own vision.
When you create a public building the important point is its communicative role. The architecture semiological aspect is highly relevant, if we assume the truth of the assertion that all the phenomena of culture is a system of signs, and culture in its es-sence is the communication among the plurality of its other values.
From the point of view of the functional content of the building, an appeal to the methods of bygone eras and their comparison with the current architectural styles is jus-tified because not only appeals to the aesthetic aspects of perception, but also to the ac-tual, vital.
In the framework of modern culture secondary function of the architectural ob-ject exhausts itself with far greater speed than the primary, which leads to the conclu-sion about the need to create an object whose primary function would be varying, and the secondary - open. So architectural object of simple objects of consumption may be an incentive and to inform about their own adaptation opportunities in a changing world.

Keywords: architectural incentives, communication, meaningful form, morphology, semiological aspects of perception, signifier and signified