Piatkov A. S., Piatkov S. V.

Weapon as element of formation of composition and image of a gender interior.

While speaking about “gender” interior it would be right from the very beginning to choose the priority for basis of this term. Would it be the “author’s gender” priority, expressing man whether woman is the author of the interior with the completed image, or would it be the “image composition” priority which determines visual and psychological stereotypes of the “gender”: typically the interior oriented on man or woman as consumer. Probably the second priority corresponds more to the “scan line” of the topic. The term “weapon” in this issue can be represented by all its blade- and pole-like varieties: historical and modern origins, copies and replicas, accessories, images and symbols in decoration.

Keywords: cold arms, collection, decorative weapon, element of interior, “gender” interior, horizontal plane of, pendant front plane, secret meetings, social and cultural role of object, “гендерный” интерьер, декоративного оружия, коллекции, оружие, оружие автора, оружие как элемент, социальная и культурная роль объекта, стиль интерьера, холодное оружие, элемент интерьера