Danilov I. A.


This article reveals the methodology for identifying mental archetypes of artificial
spaces presented in the initial research, and also explains the choice of terms to denote the
meanings embedded in them. This work was a system-intuitive. Mental archetypes of artificial
spaces necessary to identify the composition of interior spaces in the architectural design of the
Educational Center "Laboratory of Evolution of Consciousness" were derived from the conditions
for the realization of the evolutionary qualities of consciousness in their triple sequence of "identity-
education-creativity". The system character was expressed in tabular form, which demonstrates
several levels of approximation to the final values. Rows of implementation aspects and
columns of basic and elementary archetypes of evolutionary qualities of consciousness were revealed.
Together with the aspect of the "Realization Space" of the evolutionary qualities of consciousness,
four more mental archetypes of artificial spaces were revealed: the form of realization,
the way of realization, the hypostasis of the actor of realization, the sphere of realization. Also,
explanations are given on the choice of terms for the designation of certain archetypes of artificial
spaces. The result obtained for the applied nature of the work is considered sufficient. Some philosophical
nature of the research, in the author's opinion, brings the results to an interdisciplinary
field — its results can have value at least for Cultural Studies, Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology.
It is important that the entire spectrum of artificial spaces is derived from mental archetypes,
and the necessity for their creation in the real world is included inside the social-individual
subconscious as the need to realize the evolutionary qualities of consciousness.

Keywords: concept, evolutionary, intuitive, matrix, philosophical meaning, rectification, spirit, synthesis, triplicity, дух, интуитивный, матрица, понятие, синтез, тройственность, уточнение, философский смысл, эволюционный