Kurshakova V. N., Yankovskaya Y. S.

Regionalism in architecture in globalization context

In the article author researches regionalism in architecture through the
development of regional slant to design. Author regards such an approach as a mechanism
of leveling negative influence of globalization. Author considers that regionalism and
globalization are components of general process, not opposing trends. In the article author
analyzes the reasons for the growing relevance of this slant in association with a situation
that is an increasing international importance of Russian individual regions` facilities.
Main stages of development globalization process are discussed in this article. Positive
and negative examples of globalization in the architecture are identified. Positive, neutral
and negative aspects of globalization are identified in article too.
Always we should remember about the importance of local cultures` diversity for
the overall development of civilization. Regions are beginning to have stronger impact on
international relations and public affairs in 21 century. Globalization can have a positive
impact on the development of the architecture. We have considered some examples of
that in the article. For example, in Russia merchants’ trading relations with India and
Persia laid the base of development distinctive style of churches in the Yaroslavl city
in 17 century. We should take special activities for perception of positive influence
of globalization. We need to interact with the world to solve common problems. But
solutions have to be unique for each region. Global technologies and solutions that are
used for implementation in a particular place should be analyzed and adapted.

Keywords: globalization, history of architecture, international relations., regional approach to designing, regionalism, глобализация, история архитектуры, международные связи., регионализм, региональный подход к про- ектированию