Shushlebina A. N., Yankovskaya Y. S.


The relevance of the assay is conditioned by the importance of increasing of people’s cultural level and by the necessity of forming of cultural identity of Ural and Siberian region for increasing of attractiveness and providing the possibility of sustainable development of the region as a whole. In accordance to the author’s opinion creating of Art centers’ chain in the region could be one of the most effective way to get this aim. The chain of Art Centers should be integrated into the structure of federal chain that is being created by Russian government. The main goal of Art centers in Ural and Siberian region is the providing equal access to cultural values, increasing of people’s cultural level of one of the biggest Russian region. One of the main step could be the organization of new modern Art Centers in the biggest cities of Ural and Siberian region. However along with the building of new complexes it is also very important to create new Art centers on the basis of existing cultural and art objects. Authors of the assay analyze present condition of cultural and art objects in Ural and Siberian settlements. It is reflected basic problems of cultural and art objects and their potential for further development. It is expressed some ideas about the ways of reorganization of existing cultural and art objects. It is given the classification Art Centers by their basic traits and characteristic. This classification could become the basis for creation of well-organized interconnected united chain of Art centers in the region.

Keywords: architecture, Art center, cultural identity, culture, Ural and Siberian region, архитектура, искусство, культура, культурная идентичность., Урало-Сибирский регион, Центр искусств