Danilov I. A.


The vision of the process of Mankind urban settlement as a space-time continuum was formed by identifying the similar parameters of interdependent spatio-geographical and socio-historical development of the socio-territorial systems of Mankind. This similarity is reduced to a form of planet – the globule – and its spherical layer – Earth geographical environment. Some stages of the historical development correspond with specific localities and regions of the planet. If the view of the historical time is abstractive, whether linear or spiral model, the spatio-geographic trend in any case is specific. Visually, it represents the sequence of appearance of historical foci of the spatial expansion of urban settlement in the geographical space of the planet, subordinated to a certain spatial geometric regularity. These laws determine the space-time frame of the global urban settlement.

Keywords: space-time continuum, spatio-geographical track, the general axis of the settlement dendrite, генеральная ось дендрита расселения, пространственно-временной континуум, пространственно-географический трек