Zhuikov S. S., SHvetc A. V., SHosholin N. V.


The article discusses the main historical periods of the formation of the Russian
statehood, during which the architecture of the buildings of state power, built during the period
from XI to the present, were studied. In the course of the study, the basic principles of shaping
and compositional features of the architectural and town-planning appearance of existing buildings,
in which the Russian state is governed, were identified, an idea was formed about the features
of the formation of the facade composition of legislative, executive, and judicial power.The
article focuses the attention on contemporary «architecture of authority» (which were built after
1991) and how the Russian architectural tradition influenced on it.

Keywords: administration buildings, architecture of government buildings, contemporary architecture of Russia., office buildings, административные здания, архитектура зданий государственной власти, правительственные здания, современная архитектура России.