Bazilevich M. E., Kradin N. P.

Railway engineers in the far east (end of XIX – first half of XX centuries)

The article is devoted to railway engineers who worked in the Far East and Manchuria for the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway (CER), the Amur railway and Ussuri branch of Trans-Siberian railway, and who also took part in the design and construction of settlements and towns adjoined to railway lines. A short excursion into the history of The Petersburg State Transport University. Authors consider the creative activity of Russian engineers in China during the period of emigration. Bibliographic information about four dozen of Railway Engineers are shown in tabular form.
The appearance of railway transport on the Far East has had a tremendous impact on the development of these areas. Construction of railways and accompanying technical facilities required to attract a large number of qualified technical and engineering staff. Settlements had started to develop around railway stations moreover some of them later developed into the major cities. The presence of a continuous transportation between Eastern borders and capital is contributed to the formation of single economic space throughout the country and improve the efficiency of management of remote

Keywords: CER, Institute of transport, IT, Railway Engineers, service path, Ussuri Railway., инженеры путей сообщения, ИПС, КВЖД, Служба пути, Уссурийская железная дорога.