Luchshev A. A.

Features of formation of territories under the action socio-economic, spiritual and political influence in the medieval castle town

This article examines the impact of socio-economic, spiritual and political factors on the spatial structure of the city. Each of these influences has its urban elements such as market squares, residential quarters, fortifications, military areas, sacred plants, etc. Presented the order of these influences on a castle settlement for Europe and Asia. Highlighted areas in which there is the intersection of a number of factors that the plan of the city is reflected in the formation of new urban structures. In these areas defined conflicts (Town Hall - Temple - market) and association (area tournaments, knight tournaments, etc.) of these vectors in architecture, which in the diversity of cultures had similar urban features in the castle town in Europe and Asia. Crossing the center of the system to become the castle, as it is the totality of all influences and serves as the center of the city formation.

Keywords: a castle town, entertainment districts and knight tournaments., Japan, Middle ages, urban planning, градостроительство, кварталы развлечений и рыцарские турниры., призамковые города, Средние века, Япония