Andreevskikh E. V., Yankovskaya Y. S.

The concept of the multipurpose housing estate "Shukhov" in the conditions of pit recultivation of Shartash in the city of Yekaterinburg

This article focuses on development of apartment complex which is placed on the coast of Shartash quarry in Ekaterinburg. This solution contains the most rational way to recultivate quarry's territory and housing development project. Recultivation contemplates flowage of a quarry. That will provide water relax-zone for apartments residents and natural habitat for fish and variety of animals. As main architectural concept Shuhov's hyperboloid structure is used. Notoriously much sucsessful experience of usage Shuhov's structures from 1922 year when first Shuhov's tower was built, for example in such projects as Shabolovka's tv-center (Russia), Canton Tower (China) and Sydney Tower (Australia). Shuhov's structure is easy to build and not require special cranes. It can be installed step-by-step with using the building itself and provides possibility to build very high towers (Canton Tower has 600 meters high). In solution of internal construction meshwork is used. This kind of structure provides free-pattern inner space planning and it has an economical profits because of little usage of heavy build materials. Moreover, meshwork is an easy to build and easy to transport technology. As a main material project proposes to use craft-paper which is lightweight, incombustible and easy to work with. Small build-blocks can be composed into complex and asymetric shapes so that every flat will have individual internal design based on resident's requirements. Project proposes creation of social infrastructure and communication center in this area to provide comfortable living conditions for people of all ages. It solves social and cultural problems of this area. Project location is important for expansion of Ekaterinburg city to the east direction.

Keywords: craft-paper, hyperboloid Shuhov's tower, internal meshwork, recultivation, Shartash quarry, гиперплоидная башня Шухова, крафт-бумага, рекультивация, сетчатая структура внутренней конструкции зданий, Шарташский карьер