Aroian A. S., Chaichenko I. O.

The method of three-dimensional modeling in reconstruct the lost church interior of Peter’s Poltava cadet corps

This article deals with internal church of Peter’s Poltava cadet corps and its visualization using modern computer programs, architecture research, structure and form design as a historical worth either.
The difficult of this investigation lays on data deficit: church is not exist anymore and it was investigated just by historical data, by its location (because personally Peter’s Poltava cadet corps and location of internal church are saved and exist now). Also group of people who catch existing of internal church were interviewed.
Therefore during modeling process and visualization were arised certain questions, possible delusions and hypothesis. But the main question (as a mismatch of huge volumes of room) sounds like:
“How this internal church which we see on saved pictures and drawings was fitted in that space which is exist now”.
Certainly, during the investigation process were arised serious inconsistencies. These inconsistencies had to be solved during the investigation (like in major part of investigations side effects were very important details and leaded to solving of the problem). Problems were like: inconsistencies of heights, unclear situation with location of balconies, difficult of measuring of windows opening because of unclear light inner.
Finally, for making sure there was used the way of rendering (computer program’s visualization) from that points which is similar with old pictures. So we got a conclusion and the whole situation became clearer.
The main goal of this investigation is visual reconstruction and analysis of information which was received during all this research for further investigations of Peter’s Poltava cadet corps and it cultural value for Poltava and Ukraine.

Keywords: : reconstruction; renovation; history; historical data; three-dimensional modeling; house church; cadet corps., кадетский корпус., реконструкция; воссоздание; архивные документы; трехмерное моделирование; домовая церковь