Panchuk N. N., KHvorost'ianov K. D.

Interactive informatsioonoe space as part of urban environment. Modern methods of design and analysis

The research is devoted to the development of interactive media environment, reviewed her present status and investigated ways of further development. Identified new needs of modern society, associated with the development of information technology. Modern design tools and analysis of the urban environment are explored. Existing stylistic platform with sufficient technical and analytical capacity to form an interactive environment reviewed, as well as the ways of interaction of society with a dynamic environment. The concept of anima-model as a new method of analysis of the existing situation and the next stage of the development of parametric models entered. The problems of integration of the media environment in the city fabric are described, and provide possible solutions.

Keywords: interactivity; dynamics; the media environment; parametric model; anima-model; information society., интерактивность; динамичность; медиа-среда; параметрическая модель; анима-модель; информационное общество.