Zhang L. , Liu D.

Analysis of the development and the characteristics of modern national flourindustry buildings in Harbin

With the construction of Chinese Eastern Railway in 1898, many foreign capitalists involved into Harbin to engage in commerce and industry, making Harbin from a small fishing village evolved into a commodity distribution center and a trade center. The industry of flour is the earliest and the largest development industry in Harbin, which is in a large part by the stimulation of the Russian forces, and then developing in the hands of the national capitalists. This paper studies the evolution process of modern national flour industry in Harbin in the method of history. And then through the field trips to overview the general situation of modern national flour industry buildings in Harbin. Last and not least, summarize the characteristics presented of the spatial pattern, the technically achieved in structure; the artistic style of these industrial buildings in detail.

Keywords: Modern national flour industry buildings; Development; The spatial pattern; The structural features; The artistic style, пространственный образ, развитие, современные национальные зерноперерабатывающие промышленные здания, художественный стиль