Cai J. , Liu D.

Analysis on the space pattern of buildings of the Chinese Eastern railway stations

The the Chinese Eastern Railway is a cross-border railway line in northeast china which was built from the 19th century to the first half of 20th century.On the basis of the perspective of building typology, this paper aims to analyze and classify the Station Buildings of the Chinese Eastern Railway station. Taking station buildings of different current situations of application as examples,to perform the on-the-spot studies on the architectural complex of the Chinese Eastern Railway through the classification analysis on Space Pattern of Buildings of Chinese Eastern Railway Stations, this paper explores its characteristics and change regularity, so as to try to have systematic knowledge on the patterns of buildings on the Chinese Eastern Railway stations and provide an evidence for the conservation of the liner heritage of the Chinese Eastern Railway as well.

Keywords: Buildings of station, Chinese Eastern Railway station, Patterns of building patterns, Вокзалы, Китайский Восточный Вокзал, Модели зданий