Vasil'eva N. S., Kergentceva O. A., Tkachenko U. G.

The problems of designing of high-rise buildings

In the large cities construction of high-rise buildings gains the increasing development, gaining mass character. Buildings of bigger number of storeys build proceeding from reasons of prestigiousness, architectural importance or high cost of the land plots. Design and a construction of high-rise buildings extremely complex engineering challenge connected with a number of constructive, architectural and
planning, town-planning, sociological, physiological and other problems. It is necessary to add climatic features to it. Thus, we suggest making a certain review of history of development of a high-rise structure in Russia and abroad, having considered evolution of architectural and constructive concepts, and essentially new trends in this area.

Keywords: high-rise housing construction; the progressing collapse; history; ferroconcrete designs; heat-shielding; use of nonconventional types of energy., выcoтнoe дoмocтpoeниe; пpoгpeccиpующee oбpушeниe; иcтopия; жeлeзoбeтoнныe кoнcтpукции; тeплoзaщитa; иcпoльзoвaниe нeтpaдициoнных видoв энepгии.