Litvinchuk A. A., Makhinov A. N., SHevtcov M. N.

Maintenance of steady work of a water economic complex of Khabarovsk territory in an emergency situation

Work is devoted dangerous hydrological processes and a condition of water economic constructions in Khabarovsk territory. The data of negative consequences of the hydrological phenomena and their influence on water economic constructions are cited. Major factors promoting occurrence and increase of risk of flooding are considered. Actions for maintenance of steady work of a water economic complex are offered.

Keywords: dangerous hydrological processes, engineering flood protection., the water sector, water pool, water resources, водные ресурсы, водный бассейн, водохозяйственный комплекс, инженерная защита от наводнений., опасные гидрологиче- ские процессы