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Russian Language School

Pacific National University invites you to participate in the short-term program “Russian Language School”

Pacific National University is one of the largest higher education institutions of the Russian Far East. Training of foreign students has been carried out in the university since 1992. Today the number of students at all levels of education is more than 17 thousand people, including more than 800 foreign students.

Program benefits

  • More than 20 years of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language. Highly qualified teachers, trained in leading universities of Russia, conduct classes.
  • The program combines the Russian language classes with the field classes and excursion program.
  • The individual programs development is possible. The curriculum of the Russian Language School can be designed according to your wishes and level of knowledge of the Russian language.
Number of weeks Deadline for applications Arrival Classes Program/presentation
July August July August July August July August
2 weeks till May 15 annually till June 1 annually  since June 29 Since July 28 Since July 3 Since July 31

Program скачать (684.1 КБ)

4 weeks

The program includes:

  • classes in the classrooms
  • workshops
  • field classes

The program cost includes:

  • Transfer
  • Visa invitation letter
  • Selected program training
  • Certificate of participation
  • Support during stay in Khabarovsk

You can take the proposed social program. It is possible to choose any activities.

Additional charges

  • Visa application fee
  • Transportation and living costs
  • Medical insurance, valid on the territory of Russia (required)
  • Excursions and visits to cultural and entertainment centers in Khabarovsk
  • Accommodation


Pacific National University provides a high level of security. Students live in 11 dormitories located a 5-minute walk from academic buildings of the University.

The central campus is located in the central part of the city. There are two parks and ponds, shopping malls, cafes, cinemas in walking distance from the campus.

The north campus is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the city. There are also shopping areas, a cafe, business center and swimming pool on campus territory. There is the North Park a 5-minute walk from the campus, and entertainment center “Khabarovsk” with a cinema, restaurants and a bowling alley - a 15-minute walk.

Foreign students live in two dormitory types:

  • corridor type dormitory (furnished room for 3-4 people; a shower, toilet and kitchen on the floor)
  • section type dormitory (furnished room for 2-3 people; 2 rooms in a section; shower and toilet in the section; kitchen for 4-5 sections)

If you do not need to the accommodation, please inform us in advance. Accommodation in hotels of the city is also possible (on request).

Application form for participation in the short-term program ”Russian Language School” скачать (26.8 КБ)

Month of the ”Russian Language School” Name of manager e-mail
July Ms Porva Olga 004120@pnu.edu.ru
August Ms Zemnukhova Maria 009164@pnu.edu.ru

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