President's Address

Иванченко Сергей Николаевич

Dear future applicants, students, staff members and colleagues!

Pacific National University, which nowadays has about 18000 students, studying in all forms and levels of education, is one of the largest universities in the Russian Far East.

In total, during 54 years of its activity PNU produced a total of more than 88000 professionals, who successfully work in all major sectors of economy and social sphere of Far East

But the main thing is not the number of our students. PNU provides truly world-class educational services. In 2009, the University has been certified by the international standard ISO 9001:2008 in field of provision of educational services, and now annually renews this certificate.

Despite the fact that nowadays for modernization, advanced development of high-tech, innovative economy, Russia, first of all, needs engineers, a considerable number of applicants for some reason have no particular desire to enter the engineering field and direction in universities. Meanwhile government is not simply encouraging young people to study on technical specialties, but also, in spite of the decrease in the total number of high school graduates, keeps, and even increases the number of budget places in universities. Admission to our university guarantees employment and a decent salary after successful graduation.

Thanks to an effective system of international educational partnership with number of foreign universities, PNU also provides its students with opportunities to get Russian university degree alongside with diploma of foreign partner university. You can also continue your studies in foreign universities in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and America.

As it is known, in 2011, Russian universities have switched to a level system of higher education. Its levels are Bachelor's and Master's studies. At the same time, not all universities, even with state accreditation, will be able to work at the graduate level in the future. Mandatory condition, for having higher levels of training than bachelor's and specialty studies – is implementation of not only educational activities at the current level, but also conduction of basic and applied researches,  creation of highly intelligent scientific and technological products - scientific discoveries, inventions, new technologies. Pacific National University fully complies with these requirements. Our professors alongside with training activities are actively engaged in research and innovative work, having formed over 20 academic schools, which are recognized in Russia and abroad.

One of the most important components of high-quality education – is the opportunity for self-realization and practice that our school gives to all students. Every year more than 3000 students of PNU take part in various forms of research, participate in all-Russian competitions and intercollegiate conferences, international competitions. Over the past five years more than 1000 student papers participated in competitions at various levels and received more than 600 diplomas, awards, certificates of participation in contests, competitions, conferences and exhibitions.

Research work of future engineers in PNU is implemented in more than 20 scientific laboratories in dozens of student scientific societies and four student design bureaus. Our students, majoring in architecture and design are taking part in the annual international forums "New ideas of new century" and inter-university seminars on issues of major Asian cities (IUSAM). Economics students and future professionals in the field of management are involved in the development and implementation of projects in the interests of enterprises and banks of the region. Discussion clubs are working for law students, regional experts, social workers, where they can actually implement their ideas, participating in fun, socially significant projects. And for the professional development of journalists PNU is developing a network of print, electronic and online media. Students practice in the role of reporters and photographers, editors, broadcasters and TV anchors.

Our University has a large number of sports clubs, art classes and studios, which allow students to usefully organize their leisure time, have fun and develop artistic taste.

Pacific National University provides a high level of social protection and social guarantees to its students - one of the best in the region. All students in need of housing are offer accommodation in dormitories of our campus. Student clinic and sanatorium “Berezka” are also working. A modern Fitness center with a swimming pool was opened in 2011.

Come to us and study at Pacific National University!


Sergei N. Ivanchenko
Professor, Doctor of Engineering

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