University Structure

Sergey N. Ivanchenko

Sergey N. Ivanchenko

Professor, Dr. of Engineering

tel.: (4212) 37-51-86
fax: (4212) 72-06-84

He was born on May 10th, 1959 in township Muravievka, Tambov district of Amur region. In 1981 he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Khabarovsk Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Construction and road machines". PhD in Engineering - 1985 (Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering). Doctor of Engineering - 1997 (St. Petersburg State Technical University). Since 1986 to 1993 - Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, of chair "Construction and road machines”. 1997 - Head of the chair "Construction and road machines." 1998 - Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Since 2002 to the present time – President of PNU.

Main fields of scientific research:

  • Mechanics of compactable materials;
  • Methods of forming high-performance work bodies of compacting machines.

Author of over 100 scientific works in the field of mechanics of compactable materials, creation of road machines and compacting technologies of road-building materials.

Aleksandr E. Zubarev

Aleksandr E. Zubarev

Professor, Dr. of Economics

tel.: (4212) 73-40-03
fax: (4212) 72-07-12

He was born on February 11th, 1952 in Spassk Dalniy, Primorye. Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of the Khabarovsk Polytechnic Institute (1974) majoring in “Economics and organization of the machine engineering industry”, finished his postgraduate studies in Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute named after A. Voznesensky (1978). He defended his PhD thesis in Economics on the topic “Economic problems of improving the quality of products” and Doctoral thesis “The economics of product quality in the transition to a market economy” (1992).

Completed his internship programs in Higher Economic Institute (Sofia, Bulgaria, 1984), Beijing Institute of Economics (China, 1990), Western Michigan University (USA, 2000).

Key areas of research:

  • new economy;
  • economics of quality and innovation;
  • regional economy;
  • economics and industrial management;
  • strategic management.

He prepared 33 PhDs, 3 Doctors of Economic Sciences. Published 145 scientific and methodical works, including 8 monographs, 1 textbook, 8 study guides.

Nikolay Y. Sorokin

Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering

tel.: (4212) 76-17-26
fax.: (4212) 76-02-61

Was born on August 28, 1977 in the city of Khabarovsk. Graduated from gymnasium №5 in Khabarovsk in 1994, graduated with honors from Khabarovsk State University in 1999 majoring in "Computers, complexes, systems and networks". Since 2000 until 2003 was a completing his postgraduate studies- in Fraunhofer Institute of Non-destructive Testing (Fraunhofer IZFP, Saarbruecken), Germany . Recieved a Degree of Doktor der Ingenieurwissenschaften awarded by the University of Saarland, Germany in 2003 (certificate of equivalence to State Diploma of Candidate of Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, 2008, ЭУС №000192 ). Since 2004, Associate Professor of the chair "Computer Science". Since 2006 until 2008 - Vice-President for Academic Affairs and International Activities. Since October of 2013 - Vice-President for Education of PNU.

A graduate of the program "New Leaders of Higher Education" of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo" (2012 - 2013)

Key areas of research:

  • development of the systems, based on DSP and FPGA;
  • optimization of computing on graphics processors;
  • supercomputer technologies.

Courses taught:

  • operating systems;
  • programming;
  • architecture of computer systems;
  • data transmission systems;
  • microprocessor-based systems.

Author of 47 scientific and educational works, including one monograph.

Fluent in English and German.

Aleksandr R. Mshvildadze

Aleksandr R. Mshvildadze

Associate Professor, PhD in Economics

tel.: (4212) 76-02-58, 22-44-16

He was born on May 1st, 1973. He graduated from the Khabarovsk State University of Technology, majoring in "Economics and management in construction", Associate Professor of chair "Economics and Management". Since 1995 to 2005 - Deputy Director of the FEM. Since 2005 - Vice-President for Educational, Extra-Curricular Activities and Social Issues.

Scientific specialization - business management based on the concept of integrated controlling

Author of 13 scientific and educational works.

Vladimir N. Tereshchenko

Vladimir N. Tereshchenko

tel.: (4212) 76-17-31
fax.: (4212) 22-43-61

He was born on February 9th, 1954 at village Herpuchi, Polina Osipenko district of Khabarovsk regon. He graduated from the Khabarovsk Polytechnic Institute, majoring in “Constructing road machines”. Worked in senior positions in the union Primorzoloto. Since February 1st, 2004 - Deputy Vice-President for Development. Since January 1st, 2006 – Vice-President for Development

The main directions of work activity:

  • construction, repairing and maintenance of primary and secondary school buildings, dorm rooms and social facilities;
  • repairing, operation and maintenance of heating systems, electricity, water supply and sanitation system, electricity and heat consumption devices;
  • implementation of measures for saving energy resources and their management, operation of metering and control units;
  • creation of all necessary conditions for the work of the faculty and staff members of the University, students life and education;
  • organization of protection of property and safety of workers and students;
  • organization of labor and implementation of measures for fire safety.

Author of over 100 scientific papers in the field of mechanics of sealing materials, creation of road machines and sealing technologies of road-building materials.

Institute of Architecture and Design

Dean: Evgeniya M. Samsonova
office: 413 left
tel: (4212) 76-17-36, 37-52-55

Department of Extramural Training

Dean: Igor G. Rumanovskiy
office: 229 left, 230 left, 232 left, 233 left
tel: (4212) 76-85-21, 37-52-43

Department of Extramural Training (extension training)

Dean: Igor G. Rumanovskiy
office: 228 left, 230 left, 231 left, 229 left
tel: (4212) 37-52-41, 37-52-47


Director:Lyudmila V. Fedoreeva , PhD in sociology
tel: (4212) 22-43-76
fax:(4212) 73-40-06

Publishing Office

Director: Yuri A. Gorbulya
office: 210 center
tel: (4212) 22-43-48


Chief Accountant: Olga P. Shinkorenko
tel: (4212) 722-43-58, (4212) 74-46-24

Academic Office

Head:Sergey V. Shalobanov
Chief:Yuri G. Ivanischev, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor
office: 242 left, 234 left, 244 left
tel: (4212) 76-17-22, 37-52-42, 73-40-13

Academic Office of the Pacific National University was established in accordance with the Charter of the University, is a structural unit, does not have legal personality, has the rights and obligations associated with it's activities. The main purpose of AO is organization, maintenance and control of the educational process.

Office for Formation of a Contingent of Students

Director:Aleksandr G. Sidel'nikov, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor
office: 233 center
tel: (4212) 74-39-88
fax: (4212) 74-39-77

Office for Formation of a Contingent of Students is a structural division of the University, governing body of pre-university training, formation and retention of students.

The purpose of the office - organization of an effective system of pre- university training of students, student recruitment to all forms of (full-time, part-time, budget and contract) training, as well as preservation of the contingent of contract students.

Office for Scientific Research and Development

Chief: Dmitry A. Zhevtun
office: 223 left
tel: (4212) 76-02-59

Office of scientific research and development (OSRD) of Pacific National University was established in accordance with the Charter of the University, is a structural unit with no legal personality, has the rights and obligations associated with it's activities.

The main purpose of OSRD is the all-round development of fundamental and applied research and development in priority areas of science and technology in accordance with the profile of training at the university.

International Affairs Office

Chief: Aleksandr E. Zubarev
tel: (4212) 73-40-03
fax: (4212) 72-07-12

International Affairs Office of Pacific National University acts to enhance the effectiveness of international cooperation of the university, to ensure its competitiveness in the education market, growing international influence Pacific National University as a highly educational and scientific center.

Office for Educational and Extra-curricular Activities

Head: Aleksandr R. Mshvildadze
Chief: Elena V. Kadakina
office: 215 left
tel: (4212) 76-02-58, 22-44-16

Office for Informatization

Chief: Aleksandr F. Karplyuk
office: 219 left
tel: (4212) 76-17-30

Office for Informatization was established on September 1st, 1999. The authority is regulated by the Regulations on Office for Informatization of PNU, according to which office is the main structural unit, specializing in the field of information technology

Office for Administration and Maintenance

Chief: Vladimir N. Tereshchenko
offcie: 219 left
tel: (4212) 76-17-21, (4212) 22-43-64

Testing Center "Serting"

address: str.Tryokhgornaya, 59
tel: (4212) 22-44-03

Press Center

Director: Aleksandr V. Pasmurtsev
tel: (4212) 76-17-40, (4212) 73-40-01

Training Center for Civil Defense and Emergencies

Chief: Vladimir N. Nikogda
office: 433 center
tel: (4212) 22-43-84

Khabarovsk Regional Center of New Information Technologies

Director: Sergey M. Burkov
tel: (4212) 74-46-02, +7 (914) 540 0273
fax: (4212) 73-16-60

Khabarovsk Regional Center of New Information Technologies is part of a network of regional centers of industry and information technologies, an integral part of continuing education system and the focus of education informatization infrastructure.

The main purpose of the CNIT is the unified state policy of informatization, the formation of high-information culture in the institutions of education and science, and it's expansion across the region prepared by highly qualified personnel, support and coordination of work in the application of information technologies in the social sectors of the economy and society (education, science, culture, public health), financed from the budgets of different levels.

Center for Distance Learning Technologies

Director: Igor G. Rumanovsky
office: 501a, 501b
tel: (4212) 73-40-12

Main purpose of an educational portal of the Centre for Distance Learning Technologies of Pacific State University - the introduction of distance learning technologies and methodological support of the educational process for undergraduate students in appropriate areas of training provided by School of Extramural Training.

Labor Union Committee of Employees

Chairman: Natalia N. Didukh
offcie: 216 right
tel: (4212) 73-40-02

Labor Union Committee of Students

Chairman: Denis G. Shelevoy
office: 245 center
tel: 22-43-79

The Council of Rectors of Khabarovsk Territory and JAR

The Council of Rectors of Khabarovsk Territory and JAR, is a public-social body of the higher and postgraduate education in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region and the structural unit of Russian Council of Rectors

Academic Council of PNU

The general management of Pacific National University is carries out by elected representative body - the Academic Council of PNU, which is elected for 5 years by the overall conference of delegates from University departments. The activities of the Academic Council are addressed to the key issues of survival and development of the University as a whole and are based on openness and democratic principles.

The Council of Young Scientists

Public organization "The Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of PNU" is a public organization designed to promote the professional development of young researchers, teachers and professionals, learning, creative growth, maximize the use of the scientific potential of the youth at the university.

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