Information for foreign applicants


Pacific National University provides a high level of social protection and social guarantees to its students. There are 9 dormitories with accommodation for over 3000 non-resident students at the university campus.
Two types of dormitories are available for foreign students:

  • One dormitory offers accommodation in a furnished room for 4 students with a TV and a fridge; there are 2 public kitchens, a shower, and WC on the floor.
  • The other offers accommodation in a section of 2 furnished rooms for 2-3 students each, with a TV and a fridge, a shower and a WC for a section; a kitchen is available for 4-5 sections.

The dormitories are located in 5 minutes walk from the university.
There is a shopping center, a business center, and a swimming pool at the campus.

PNU has a medical clinic for students to render free medical care, as well as “Beriozka” the health resort, which is the only one university medical institution in Khabarovsk Krai.
Foreign students receive a high quality medical care at the leading medical institutions of Khabarovsk on the basis of health insurance.

Public Catering

Our university has a network of public catering with high-quality service (including diet meals) at reasonable prices. There is a canteen and 2 cafes at the university campus, as well as 3 canteens and 2 quick-service cafes at the university building.

Visa Support

PNU renders a complete visa support to foreign students; this process includes issuing an invitation letter by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, sending the invitation letter to a foreign student’s address in his/her country of permanent residence, the student’s registration in the Migration Service for the period of his/her stay at PNU.

Transfer Service at Khabarovsk Airport / Railway Station

The transfer fee is included in tuition fee. The information on a flight number / train and carriage numbers should be faxed (+7-4212-720712) or e-mailed ( at least of 3 working days prior to arrival in Khabarovsk.

Cultural Program

Upon request PNU will arrange Khabarovsk city tour. In addition the following excursions as “Evening Khabarovsk”, “The Far East Territorial Museum”, ”The Far East Fine Arts Museum”, “Khabarovsk Orthodox Temples”, “Khabarovsk Sightseeing”, “Khabarovsk Embankment“(with a boat trip along the Amur River), “Theatrical Khabarovsk”(with a visit to a performance), etc. are available.


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