Department of Extramural Training

Offices: 229 left, 230 left, 232 left, 233 left; tel: (4212) 76-85-21, 37-52-43; e-mail:

Dean: Igor G. Rumanovskiy

Education at the Department of Extramural Training is based on the glorious traditions of the national higher school and years of experience in the region's largest university - PNU with its powerful teaching and laboratory facilities and highly qualified teaching staff.

You will be provided with all the necessary methodical materials, textbooks, as well as e-learning courses and video lectures.

We will provide you with modern quality education into the same time as full-time.

The main advantage of extramural learning - a combination of study and work, and it gives you the ability to continuously maintain your material well-being, operational use of the acquired knowledge into practice, career growth.

Laws of Russian Federation provide benefits for correspondence students - the right for an additional paid holiday and payment of travel expenses to the location of the university and back to pass the exams.

For those who are not able to come to the university twice a year, additional fall exams are provided, docked with the spring one.

The teaching of many disciplines is carried out using distance learning technologies (DLT). At present, a contingent of part-time students of PNU, enrolled in using DLT (network and mixed forms), is more than 6,000 people. Training is provided in 38 specialties and 22 areas of bachelor studies. There are 18 Internet information points in Far Eastern Federal District where students can access educational resources of PNU, and applicants - apply for admission to the University.

But the mastery of modern knowledge requires your desire and effort.

We will provide high quality education for those who have committed themselves to it!

A list of training areas and entrance exams can be found in the annexes to the Rules of admission.

Bachelor studies of the school:

  • 030900.62 Jurisprudence
    • goverment-legal specialization (GL)
    • civil-legal specialization (CL)
    • criminal-legal specialization (CrL)
  • 031300.62 Journalism
    • Journalism (J)
  • 040400.62 Social work
    • Social work (SW)
  • 080100.62 Economics
    • Accounting and audit (AA)
    • World economy and international business
    • Taxes and taxation (TT)
    • Regional economy (RE)
    • Insurance (IS)
    • Finance and credit (FC)
    • Economics and organization of the public sector
    • Economics and law (EL)
    • Economics and management in organizations (housing and utilities)
    • Economics and management in organizations (services)
    • Economics of municipal entities
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (EE)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (industry) (EEI)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (construction) (EC)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (municipal services) (EMS)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (real estate appraisal) (EREA)
    • Economics of financial institutions
  • 080200.62 Management
    • State and municipal government (SMG)
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • International business
    • Production management (in forestry) (PMF)
    • Production management (in industry) (PMI)
    • Production management (in construction) (PMC)
    • Production management (in transport) (PMT)
    • Production management (oil and gas) (PMG)
    • Estimate work and pricing in construction (EW)
    • Urban management (UM)
    • Small business management (SBM)
    • Property management (PM)
    • Rroject management (PRM)
    • Management and financial accounting (MFA)
  • 100400.62 Tourism
    • Technology and organization of tour operators and travel agent services (T)
  • 100700.62 Trading
    • Commerce (C)
  • 120700.62 Land management and cadastre
    • Urban cadastre (UC)
    • Land cadastre (LC)
    • Land management (LM)
  • 131000.62 Oil and gas engineering
    • Design, construction and operation of gas and oil pipelines and storages (DGP)
  • 151900.62 Design and technology provision for mechanical engineering productions
    • Metalworking machines and systems (MMS)
    • Mechanical engineering technology (MET)
    • Mechatronics and robotics technology (MRT)
  • 190100.62 Ground transportation and technological systems
    • Materials handling, construction, road machinery and equipment (CRM)
  • 190600.62 Operation of transport and technological machines and systems
    • Automobiles and automotive engineering (AAE)
    • Automotive service (AS)
    • Service of transport and transport-technological machines and equipment (forestry) (STM)
  • 190700.62 Technology of transport processes
    • Traffic engineering and Safety (TES)
    • Organization and management of transportation (highways) (OT)
    • The investigation and examination of the trafic accidents (IAE)
    • International transportations by road transport (ITT)
  • 221400.62 Quality control
    • Quality management in production and process systems (QC)
  • 221700.62 Standardization and metrology
    • Standardization and certification (SC)
  • 222000.62 Innovation
    • Engineering and technological support for innovation processes (IM)
  • 241000.62 Energy and resource saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemicals and biotechnology
    • Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources (EP)
  • 250100.62 Forestry
    • Forestry (F)
  • 250400.62 Technology of logging and wood processing industries
    • Forest engineering (FE)
    • Technologies of wood processing (TWP)
  • 270800.62 Construction
    • Highways and airfields (HA)
    • Water supply and discharge(WSD)
    • Urban construction and management (UCM)
    • Bridges and tunnels (BT)
    • Production of construction materials, components and structures (PCM)
    • Industrial and civil construction (ICC)
    • Gas supply and ventilation (GSV)
  • 280700.62 Technosphere safety
    • Safety in emergency situations (SES)

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