Institute of Architecture and Design

Office: 413 left, tel: (4212) 76-17-36, e-mail:

booklet SAD-2012 (235.9 Kb)

Dean: Evgenia M. Samsonova

You are graduating from school and thinking of becoming a certified architect and designer of the third millennium.

If the glory of Hammurabi and Lieu Corbusier don't give you a chance to sleep at night and you're willing to create a city of the future.…

Then Institute of Architecture and Design is waiting for you.

Over the years of study you will be able to become a professional in designing cities, construction and design of buildings, industrial and public buildings, a master of landscape design and interior design.

The research work, participation in Olympiads, international and regional competitions, sports- all theese are conditions for the formation of future professional in the field of architecture and design.

The institute continues to develop international contacts and gives you the opportunity to undergo training at the leading universities of Korea and China among with graduate students and alumni of PNU, which will significantly enrich your student life.

Maybe you are a member of amateur art activities?

In this case, you will be able to implement your skills in KVN-competition, "Student Spring" of our faculty and PNU.

We look forward to seeing you at our school, where you will find all the conditions for the realization of your creative potential, will live 5 years of your student life, and become a qualified architect and designer.

If you have chosen our Institute of Architecture and Design, come to us - we are waiting for you!

Structure of Institute of Architecture and Design

Natalya N. Panchuk (4212) 22-43-91506
Nataliya E. Kozyrenko (4212) 22-43-42608
Deanery of SAD
Evgenia M. Samsonova
Directorate of the Institute of Architecture and Design
413 left
(4212) 76-85-156

Bachelor studies of the institute:

  • 270100.62 07.03.01 Architecture
    • Architectural design (A)
  • 270300.62 Design of architectural environment
    • Design of the urban environment (UE)
    • Interior design (ID)

Masters studies of the institute:

  • 270100.68 07.04.01 Architecture
    • Architectural design (A)
    • Reconstruction and restoration (RaR)
  • 270300.68 Design of architectural environment
    • Design of architectural environment (DAE)


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