Inter-University Symposium on Asian Megacities

24th Inter-University Symposium on Asian Megacities (September 2019, Khabarovsk, Russia)

Since 1995, Inter-University seminars on the problems of the major Asian cities - IUSAM - have been held annually in South-East Asia on the basis of several of the largest universities in the leading countries of the region. The main topics discussed during the seminars are devoted to the widest range of development problems of major cities in Asian countries, including historical, city planning and architectural, demographic and environmental, engineering and ethno-cultural. The organizers of the seminar are 8 universities (see the scheme of the seminar).

Pacific National University has been participating in seminars since 2000, immediately becoming one of the organizers of IUSAM. In this regard, the 10th Inter-University seminar on Asian megacities was held in 2005 in Khabarovsk, on the basis of the Institute of Architecture and Construction of PNU.

In September 2012, the 17th seminar was held for the second time at PNU on the basis of the Faculty of Architecture and Design. The seminar was attended by representatives of the University of the Philippines (Philippines, 21 people), Keio University (Japan, 17 people), Tokyo University (Japan, 12 people), Kuongji University (South Korea, 4 people), Seoul National University (South Korea, 8 people), Tsinghua University (China, 18 people), School of Architecture of Southwestern University (China, 1 person), Hainan University (South Korea, 5 people), Tsinghua University (China, 15 people), China University of Hong Kong ( China, 12 people), Dalian Technological University theta (China, 9 people), the National University of Cheng Kung (Taiwan, 5 people), NIITAG RAASN (Russia, 1 man), PNU (Russia, 20).

In September 2017, in Tianjin (China), the seminar organizers decided to rename Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities to Inter-University Symposium on Asian Megacities.

2018 Inter-University Symposium on Asian Megacities (2018 Inter-University Symposium on Asian Megapolises was held in May 2018 in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. The IA&D PNU delegation consisting of senior lecturers Yulia Mylova and Mikhail Bazilevich and lecturers Anton Kim and Dmitry Tceluiko presented their reports and participated in the discussion of the main topic of the symposium.

In 2019, Pacific State University will once again become the venue for this scientific event.

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