School of Economics and Management

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booklet SEM-2012 (268.2 Kb)

Zubarev A.E.

Dean: Dr. of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Aleksandr E. Zubarev

Training of engineers and economists in Khabarovsk Polytechnic Institute was launched in 1966 at the School of National Economy. In 1969, it was renamed into School of Engineering and Economics. In 1993, School of Engineering and Economics transformed into the School of Economics and Management, then to the Institute of Economics and Management. Since 2011 - it is once again School of Economics and Management (SEM).

SEM – is the largest educational division of Pacific National University. It has about 2,000 students, including about 200 foreign ones. Applying to SEM, the applicant receives a fundamental economic education, an interesting student life, has prospects of career and training opportunities abroad. SEM is an internationally active in various forms: in the form of the educational process, in the framework of inter-institutional agreements on grants, in the form of international conferences in Russia and other countries. SEM has extensive research connections with universities around the world: China, South Korea, Taiwan, USA.

Educational process is organized by qualified faculty, which consists mainly of doctors and candidates of sciences. More than 65% of teachers have scientific degrees and titles, including 10 doctors. Theoretical knowledge of students is fixed during the summer training and work practices in leading organizations and enterprises of not only Khabarovsk Territory, but the whole Far Eastern region. Managers and leading specialists from research organizations, major banks and enterprises of various sectors of the economy are invited as managers, consultants, reviewers of graduation projects, to give lectures in their areas. The indicator of competitiveness is the demand for our graduates in the labor market. Faculty trained a galaxy of professionals who hold key leadership positions in various government agencies and large businesses. Among the graduates of SEM are: A.E. Zubarev (Dean of SEM, Dr. of Economics, Professor), A.B. Levinthal (Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation, Dr. of Economics), O.G. Ivanchenko (Head of economic analysis and monitoring of the enterprises of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the Khabarovsk region, Dr. of Economics, Professor), V.V. Pytnev (Chairman of the Management Board of Russia Far Eastern branch of Sberbank, PhD in Economics), N.A. Mamedov (General Director of "Ali").

School has all modern educational trajectories: bachelor's, specialist's, master's, doctoral and post-graduate studies with the possibility of defending the thesis in dissertation council of PNU. School of Economics and Management consists of eight graduate chairs, which are currently preparing graduates in 5 areas of undergraduate and 6 areas of postgraduate studies, in the fields of general and special economics and management. Training in areas of undergraduate studies provides humanitarian, social and economic, mathematical and vocational training cycles. As part of the professional cycle students are trained according to their minor specialties.

Structure of School of Economics and Management

Aleksandr E. Zubarev (4212) 37-52-38330 left
Irina V. Bryantseva(4212) 22-44-05314 left
Aleksandr N. Smelik (4212) 37-52-32309 left
Deanery of SEM
Aleksandr Evstrat'evich
326 left, 324 left
(4212) 37-52-35, (4212) 22-44-18
Michail M. Tret'yakov(4212) 37-52-29424 left
Valery S. Losev(4212) 22-44-17321 left
Vladimir A. Fedorov(4212) 37-52-27430 left
Vladimir F. Kourov(4212) 22-44-06313 left
Irina V. Kalashnikova(4212) 37-52-37322 left

Specialties of the school:

  • 080101.65 Economic security (ES)

Bachelor studies of the school:

  • 080100.62 Economics
    • Accounting and audit (AA)
    • Taxes and taxation (TT)
    • National economy (NE)
    • Regional economy (RE)
    • Insurance (IS)
    • Finance and credit (FC)
    • Economics and organization of the public sector
    • Economics and law (EL)
    • Economics and management in organizations (housing and utilities)
    • Economics and management in organizations (services)
    • Economics of municipal entities
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (EE)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (industry) (EEI)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (construction) (EC)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (municipal services) (EMS)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (real estate appraisal) (EREA)
    • Economics of financial institutions
  • 080200.62 Management
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • International business
    • Production management (in forestry) (PMF)
    • Production management (in industry) (PMI)
    • Production management (in construction) (PMC)
    • Production management (in transport) (PMT)
    • Production management (oil and gas) (PMG)
    • Estimate work and pricing in construction (EW)
    • Urban management (UM)
    • Small business management (SBM)
    • Property management (PM)
    • Rroject management (PRM)
    • Management and financial accounting (MFA)
  • 081100.62 State and municipal government
    • State and municipal government (SMG)
  • 080500.62 Business informatics
    • Business process management in organization (BPM)
  • 100700.62 Trading
    • Commerce (C)
  • 230700.62 Applied informatics
    • Economics (AIE)

Masters studies of the school:

  • 080100.68 Economics
    • Regional economy (RE)
    • Economics of enterprises and organizations (EE)
  • 080200.68 Management
    • International management (IM)
    • Project management of oil and gas complex (MOC)
    • Production management in industry (PMI)
    • Production management in transport (PMT)
    • Pricing in the construction and management of investments (PC)
    • Evaluation and management of business and investment (EMB)
    • Management of large and medium cities (MLC)
    • Management of the forest complex (MFC)
    • Small business management (SBM)
    • Property management (PM)
    • Management of natural resources (MNR)
  • 080300.68 Finance and credit
    • Financial markets (FM)
    • Banking (BN)
    • Public finance (PF)
    • Corporate finances (CF)
  • 081100.68 State and municipal government
    • State and municipal government (SMG)
  • 100700.68 Trading
    • Commerce (C)
  • 230700.68 Applied informatics
    • Applied informatics in economics (AIE)


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