School of Fundamental and Computer Sciences

Office: 326 right, tel: (4212) 76-17-37, e-mail:

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Sin A.Z.

Dean: PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor, Aleksandr Z. Sin

Demanded specialist of the new millennium should possess professional knowledge in a certain type of activities, have a complete system of knowledge and modern style of thinking, to be able to set and achieve the tasks on his own by applying his knowledge in practice, find non-standard solutions, find the most cost effective ways to achieve goals using modern information technology. And only then it will be a success...

Establishing a network infrastructure based on Internet technology provides security for business in various sectors of the economy, the construction of information security systems in large organizations. The widespread introduction of modern computer technologies is impossible without the development of software that can provide only a specialist, who owns the mathematical methods of modeling and programming.

Such specialists are trained at our School of Fundamental and Computer Sciences!

The information in the modern world is everything! According to Forbes magazine survey the list of ten of the most developed companies in the world includes Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Intel. At present, the developed countries have high and stable demand for professionals of this profile. United States, for example, has been engaged in the computer industry recruitment specialists, particularly programmers, from abroad for a long time. The demand for software developed in Russia, now exists and is growing rapidly, which in return leads to an increase in demand for software developers.

At our school we have postgraduate and doctorate studies in several fields. Several teachers defended their doctoral theses .The Dissertation Council for PhD theses is actively working. More than 40 PhD theses have been defended at this council over the past years. Specialists are trained on a multi-level system of higher education, master studies are opened, and some students continue to study abroad. Faculty members have won prestigious grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the federal program “Integration”. Leading university scientists and researchers of RAS Institutes are involved into work with students: Drs. of Physics and Mathematics, Professors. Bulgakov V.K, Bykovskii V.A., Rimlyand V.I., Zarubin A.G., Namm R.V., Podgaev A.G., Polichka A.E., Zaitsev S.A., Khokhlov N.A. and others. Modern teaching and laboratory facilities, leading scientists, professors provide a high level of training that allows graduates to organize the operation of complex technological systems and equipment, to manage the physical processes using the latest advances in computer technology.

At present, more than five hundred of our graduates work at various organizations of the region and beyond, in financial and insurance institutions, enterprises, communications, energy, transportation, media, government and municipal management, who are the leading specialists in the development and implementation of information technology..

Faculty members of graduate departments, experience, material and technical base allow to guarantee a high level of training.

Structure of School of Fundamental and Computer Sciences

Aleksandr G. Podgaev (4212) 22-44-23401 left
Robert V. Namm (4212) 37-52-03, 37-51-96324 right
Vladimir I. Rimlyand (4212) 73-40-09, 22-43-47411 center
Deanery of SFCS
Aleksandr Zemusevich
326 right
(4212) 76-17-37
Tatyana B. Panasyuk(4212) 37-52-30429 left, 432 left, 421 left
Anatoliy G. Zarubin(4212) 37-51-88420 right, 433 right
Valery V. Strigunov(4212) 76-17-33320 right

Specialties of the school:

  • 090301.65 Computer security (CS)

Bachelor studies of the school:

  • 231300.62 Applied mathematics   
    • Comprehensive analysis of statistical data (CAD)
    • Mathematical modeling in economics and engineering (MME)
    • Application of mathematical methods to the solution of engineering and economic challenges (MME)
  • 231000.62 Software engineering   
    • Development of software and information systems (DS)
  • 011200.62 Physics   
    • Information systems in physics (ISP)

Masters studies of the school:

  • 010400.68 Applied mathematics and informatics
    • Applied mathematics (AM)
  • 231000.68 Software engineering
    • Development of software and information systems (DS)

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