School of Ecology and Nature Management

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booklet SENM-2012 (291.6 Kb)

Ryabukhin P.B.

Dean: Dr. of Engineering, Professor, Pavel B. Ryabukhin

School of Ecology and Nature Management is one of academic units of Pacific National University and only higher educational institution in the Far Eastern Federal District, which is designed to train highly qualified personnel for the forestry and mining complexes. All specialties of our school are connected with production, processing and transportation of natural resources found in the bowels, and on the surface of the Earth. We teach students to use these resources efficiently in a businesslike way, with the implementation of advanced technologies that will allow future generations to enjoy the gifts of nature.

While there are natural resources, there are raw materials – the industry will live, and so will be a constant need for specialists. If production process is developing, so economists and lawyers will be in demand.

Virtually all forestry enterprises and GRK of Far Eastern Federal District today employs graduates of our faculty as the main experts. Everywhere across Far Eastern Federal District you can find our graduates, who are noted for high level of knowledge acquired by them in the university. The range of activities of the graduates is very wide.

So, what is SENM today ?! It has 4 graduate chairs, preparing bachelors and masters in 5 areas and 7 profiles training . It's 45 teachers, 89% of whom are of doctors, 8 doctors who have their own scientific schools. This continuity has become a tradition - to be the best in all areas of activity.

Nowadays SENM - has about 520 students! Throughout all the years of our schools, and later - the institute, we are poised and ready for the industry graduates, whose recruitment was carried out of the forest villages. It was fundamental to the work of the faculty. Therefore, 65% of our students - are graduates of the schools who are familiar with the specifics of future work on hearsay, they came to us CONSCIOUSLY!

Students of the SENM - is a very friendly and cohesive team! Yes, there is nothing to hide, they come to us after their graduation from schools and do not possess such a high level of knowledge, as the guys coming to SAIT or SCFS. But the most important thing - the majority of children have a desire to catch up and get those skills at the School of Ecology and Nature Management of PNU.

Our students are also first in sport achievements and represent University in all sporting disciplines. There is already a master of the sport of boxing and skiing, world champion in martial arts, who was the winner in such an advanced country in this direction as Japan.

And what about artistic creativity? Nice to see their growth! They are not amateurs, they turn out to be true professionals, who are appreciated by the audience and expert jury. They have outstanding achievements in KVN - the SENM’s KVN team, which stands in a league of FEFD, and a few people are in the team of PNU «Botanical Garden»!

And what about advances in science? Those are prizes at the All-Russia competitions. Heads of the Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, SPb FTA and other Russian Universities noted the high level of training of our students, taking the annual participation in various international, national and regional conferences and exhibitions of student research papers..

I can talk about our graduates endlessly, so I will say briefly – apply to SENM , get the demanded profession and go to work in an industry that will ALWAYS continue to exist in our beautiful region!

So, dear graduates of secondary schools! If you have the desire to have a prestigious, high-paying profession – apply to SENM and you will not get lost in today's turbulent stream of life!

The SPEC team - it's a very friendly and purposeful team - a team of teachers and students, striding forward confidently and not forgetting their history.

Structure of School of Ecology and Nature Management

Nikolai V. Vyvodtsev (4212) 37-52-63412 left
Sergey P. Isaev(4212) 22-44-15201 left
Deanery of SENM
Pavel Borisovich
209 left
(4212) 76-17-32, (4212) 22-44-13
Oleg Y. Yerenkov(4212) 37-52-31339 left
Lyudmila P. Mayorova(4212) 22-44-01312 right

Bachelor studies of the school:

  • 250700.62 Landscape architecture   
    • Landscape gardening and engineering (LGE)
  • 250100.62 Forestry
    • Forestry (F)
  • 250400.62 Technology of logging and wood processing industries
    • Forest engineering (FE)
    • Technologies of wood processing (TWP)
  • 240100.62 Chemical engineering
    • Technology of chemical wood processing (TCP)
    • Chemical engineering of natural energy and carbon materials (CEE)
  • 241000.62 Energy and resource saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemicals and biotechnology
    • Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources (EP)

Masters studies of the school:

  • 240100.68 Chemical engineering
    • Chemical engineering (CE)
  • 241000.68 Energy and resource saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemicals and biotechnology
    • Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources (EP)
  • 250100.68 Forestry
    • Forestry (F)
  • 250400.68 Technology of logging and wood processing industries
    • Forest engineering (FE)
    • Technologies of wood processing (TWP)
  • 250700.68 Landscape architecture
    • Landscape gardening and engineering (LGE)

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