School of Engineering and Construction

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Pugachev I.N.

Dean: Professor, Igor N. Pugachev

School of Engineering and Construction was organized by the merger of Far East Highway Institute and construction specialties of Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

The need to organize Faculty of Civil Engineering is dictated by high demand for professionals of building profile. Engineering education - is the foundation of the economy. A meeting of the State Council under the President of the Russian Federation, On the topic of improving engineering education at the beginning of 2011 emphasized the need to concentrate resources to improve engineering education in the country.

It is important to note that since 2011 the higher education institutions have moved to a level training. It was, therefore very promptly to combine all specialties of building profile within the bachelor's and master's studies. Such a union helped to focus the scientific and technical potential of the university to provide a high level of training engineers.

It should be noted that the teaching staff of new school formed over the course of fifty years since the organization of Khabarovsk Automobile and Highway Institute in 1958, which was based on Highway and Construction departments.

Today bachelors of construction specialties will be preparing within the general program for two years, and in the next two years, students can master any profile from among the current construction specialties: “Highways and airports”, “Industrial and civil construction”, “Urban Construction”, ”Construction Materials and Items”, “Gas Supply and Ventilation”, “ Water Supply and Discharge”.

Dear applicant, you are given the opportunity to enroll in the first year of the most popular specialties - the construction to be a bachelor or master of any one of the following sections of the construction areas.

Structure of School of Engineering and Construction

Igor Y. Belutskiy(4212) 37-52-05116 right
Alla V. Vdovenko (4212) 76-17-29211 right, 215 right
Michail N. Shvetsov (4212) 37-52-20214 right
Nataliya V. Vasina (4212) 37-52-48245 left
Deanery of SEC
Igor Nikolaevich
118 right
(4212) 37-52-44
Apolenar I. Yarmolinskiy(4212) 37-52-06128 right
Nikolay E. Medvedev(4212) 37-51-82103 center
Aleksandr D. Lovtsov(4212) 22-43-40315 center
Sergey A. Psarov(4212) 37-52-21110 right
Nadezhda I. Yarmolinskaya(4212) 37-51-83110 center

Specialties of the school:

  • 271101.65 Construction of unique buildings and structures (CUB)
  • 271502.65 Construction, maintenance and restoration of cover for highways, bridges and tunnels (CH)

Bachelor studies of the school:

  • 120700.62 Land management and cadastre   
    • Urban cadastre (UC)
    • Land cadastre (LC)
    • Land management (LM)
  • 131000.62 Oil and gas engineering    
    • Design, construction and operation of gas and oil pipelines and storages (DGP)
  • 270800.62 Construction
    • Highways and airfields (HA)
    • Water supply and discharge (WSD)
    • Urban construction and management (UCM)
    • Bridges and tunnels (BT)
    • Production of construction materials, components and structures (PCM)
    • Industrial and civil construction (ICC)
    • Gas supply and ventilation (GSV)
  • 280700.62 Technosphere safety
    • Safety in emergency situations (SES)

Masters studies of the school:

  • 120700.68 Land management and cadastre
    • Land cadastre (LC)
  • 270800.68 Construction
    • Scientific and practical aspects of technology development in the road industry (HA)
    • Water supply, discharge, rational use and protection of water resources (WSD)
    • Theory and design of buildings and structures (UCM)
    • Transport structures. Justification of investments. The theory of calculation. Questions of durability (BT)
    • Innovative technologies in the production of construction materials and items (PCM)
    • Microclimate systems for buildings and structures (GSV)
  • 280700.68 Technosphere safety
    • Safety in emergency situations (SES)

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