School of Social Studies and Humanities

Office: 318 center, tel: (4212) 72-36-21, e-mail:

booklet SSSH-2012 (166.2 Kb)

Yarulin I.F.

Dean: Dr. of Politics, Professor, Ildus F. Yarulin

Problematic state of Russian society and modern civilization, trends and contradictions of globalization of the world are responsible for the development of relevant and skillful use of the latest technologies in the management of social processes and human resources.

School of Social Studies and Humanities - one of the youngest schools in the university. Today our school has more than two thousand students in all areas and forms of training.

Highly qualified teachers provide high quality, relevant to state educational standards training. School regularly invites foreign experts to give lectures, participate in joint research projects.

Structure of School of Social Studies and Humanities

Leonid E. Blyaher (4212) 22-43-94409 right
Svetlana I. Yakimova(4212) 22-44-07105 left
Aleksandr P. Osaulenko (4212) 22-44-21309 left
Deanery of SSSH
Ildus Faizrahmanovich
111 left, 318 center
(4212) 72-36-21
Ludmila F. Krapivnik(4212) 22-44-07105 left
Irina F. Umanets(4212) 22-43-96332 center
Pavel P. Lyakh(4212) 37-52-28417(a) right
Ildus F. Yarulin(4212) 22-44-06413 left
Tamara P. Karpukhina(4212) 73-40-16121 left

Specialties of the school:

  • 035701.65 Translation Studies (TS)

Bachelor studies of the school:

  • 031300.62 Journalism
    • Journalism (J)
  • 032000.62 Foreign regional studies
    • Asian studies (AS)
  • 035700.62 Linguistics
    • Translation Studies (TS)
    • Theory and practice of cross-cultural communication (Lin)
  • 040400.62 Social work
    • Social work (SW)
  • 100100.62 Service
    • Social and cultural service (SCS)
  • 100400.62 Tourism   
    • Technology and organization of tour operators and travel agent services (T)
  • 101100.62 Hotel management   
    • Hotel management (HM)

Masters studies of the school:

  • 035700.68 Linguistics
    • Theory and practice of cross-cultural communication (Lin)
    • Translation Studies (TS)
  • 035800.68 Fundamental and applied linguistics
    • Fundamental and applied linguistics (FAL)
  • 040400.68 Social work
    • Social work (SW)

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