School of Automotive and Power Engineering

Office: 206 right, tel: (4212) 76-17-34, e-mail:

booklet SAPE-2012 (262 Kb)

Feigin A.V.

Dean: PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor, Aleksandr V. Feigin

School of Automotive and Power Engineering is the recipient of the Institute of Automotive and Power Engineering, which was converted from an Highway Department, created in 1958, and is one of the oldest in the university.

Beginning with the graduation of first engineers majoring in "Road Transport" in 1963, the faculty continuously developed and currently has bachelor's and master's studies.

Alexander Feigin, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor is a Dean of the SAPE: "The priorities of our school – is not to focus on the number of graduates, but to focus on the quality, to give a guarantee for each specialist. We have everything to accomplish this task. Perfect base, which keeps pace with the times and gets updated constantly. And, most importantly – we have the strongest faculty members.

SAPE students undergo training and work practices at the leading enterprises of the transport and energy sectors of the Far East and Siberia, allowing them to gain the necessary skills and experience of working in a team.

The school has successfully functioning department of certification of road services, training and consulting center “ASMAP”, sports and technical club, a company to provide technical services to repair private cars “Service TERA” training courses for drivers and even its own speedway.

Students of the school are engaged in scientific clubs, sports sections. Racers of sports and technical club regularly take part in competitions and have repeatedly been winners of the regional rally competitions on racing cars of the type "Buggy", track racing on ice.

Structure of School of Automotive and Power Engineering

Pavel P. Volodkin (4212) 37-51-93, 212 laboratory complex
Valeriy A. Ivanov(4212) 37-51-90, 302 laboratory complex
Sergey G. Pavlishin (4212) 37-52-39, 37-51-99, 211 laboratory complex
Deanery of SAPE
Aleksandr Vladimirovich
206 right
(4212) 76-17-34
Aleksandr V. Feigin(4212) 22-43-98, 310 right
Sergey N. Ivanchenko(4212) 37-52-02, 238 right
Vasiliy A. Lashko(4212) 37-52-11, 204 right

Specialties of the school:

  • 130400.65 Mining (M)
  • 190109.65 Ground transportation and technological means (GTT)
  • 180405.65 Operation of ship power systems (OSP)

Bachelor studies of the school:

  • 190700.62 Technology of transport processes    
    • Traffic engineering and Safety (TES)
    • Organization and management of transportation (highways) (OT)
    • The investigation and examination of the trafic accidents (IAE)
    • International transportations by road transport (ITT)
  • 190600.62 Operation of transport and technological machines and systems   
    • Automobiles and automotive engineering (AAE)
    • Automotive service (AS)
    • Service of transport and transport-technological machines and equipment (forestry) (STM)
  • 141100.62 Power machinery construction   
    • Internal combustion engines (ICE)
    • Operation of gas compressor stations (OCS)

Masters studies of the school:

  • 141100.68 Power machinery construction
    • Internal combustion engines (ICE)
  • 190100.68 Ground transportation and technological systems
    • Materials handling, construction, road machinery and equipment (CRM)
  • 190600.68 Operation of transport and technological machines and systems
    • Automobiles and automotive engineering (AAE)
  • 190700.68 Technology of transport processes
    • Organization and management of transportation (highways) (OT)

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