Information on accommodation and average living costs in Khabarovsk

Pacific National University provides a high level of social protection and social guarantees to its students. There are 9 dormitories with accommodation for over 3000 non-resident students at the university campus. The University offers two types of accommodation at the dormitories for international students. The dorms are located in 5 minutes by foot distance from the University.

PNU Campus

1st type of dorm (corridor type): a furnished room for 4 students with a TV and a fridge; there are 2 public kitchens, a shower, and WC on the floor. 

2nd type of dorm (suite type): a section of 2 furnished rooms for 2-3 students each, with a TV and a fridge, a shower and a WC for a section; a kitchen is available for 4-5 sections. 

There is a shopping center, a business center, and a swimming pool at the campus. 

Our university has a network of public catering with high-quality service (including diet meals) at reasonable prices. There is a canteen and 2 cafes at the university campus, as well as 3 canteens and 2 quick-service cafes at the university building.

Average estimated expenses:

On-Campus Housing:

For students:

  • Four person apartment – 500 RUB per month for each person
  • Two-three person apartment –3000-3600 RUB per month for each person

For doctorate, post-doctorate and staff:

  • Two-three person apartment –3000-3600 RUB per month for each person
  • University hotel (Single)  – starting from 1300 RUB per day
Food (per month): 8000 RUB per month
Local Transportation: Currently 15 RUB per trip

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