Information on staff applicants on research/teaching opportunities

More than 20 internationally recognized Scientific Schools were established at PNU. PNU scientific researchers are carried out in different fields of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, including Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Information and Telecommunication Technologies, Nanotechnologies, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning, Sociology, Economics, Jurisprudence, etc.

Please, find below the future priority areas for collaboration. We also would be happy and quite open to consider your areas to carry out joint research projects.

Processing signals and images, underwater robotics

  1. High-performance systems for collecting and processing aerial images of the ponds and rivers areas
  2. High-performance systems for collecting and processing the satellite images of the ponds and rivers areas
  3. Video monitoring and fire safety systems
  4. Robotic systems for monitoring river and seafloor relief
  5. Sonar navigation systems of the unmanned underwater vehicles
  6. Development of methods and means of signal processing and image synthesis for acoustical systems

Internal-Combustion Engines

  1. Fundamental theory of management in designing the combined internal-combustion engines
  2. Development and testing the systems of gas turbocharged conventional engines


  1. Development of technologies for processing the liquid phase of metals and alloys to improve their physical and operational properties
  2. Development of new technologies for the production of metals and alloys of mineral concentrates found in the Far East region
  3. Investigation of the influence of alloying elements on the physical and mechanical properties and performance characteristics of the complex alloyed cast irons.

Physics of the ferromagnetic materials

  1. Study of the general laws of behavior of localized structures of materials under electromagnetic and another kind effect with the limited influence of the surface, as well as the localized objects in information systems under limiting conditions
  2. Study of the localized objects in static and dynamic systems: nanoparticles produced by laser ablation; the domain walls in ferromagnetic materials; point defects in information systems

Transport control systems

  1. Intelligent systems of controlling the road transport complexes on regional and municipal levels Ecology and Land Management
  2. The analysis of natural and anthropogenous dynamics of the environmental quality of cities
  3. Comprehensive assessment of the deeply transformed urban and suburban systems
  4. Study of migratory processes of polluting substances, formation of geochemical barriers and technogenic anomalies in the urbanised territories
  5. Development of different types of functional zoning of the urbanised and suburbanized territories for sustainable preservation of anthropoecosystems


  1. Informal relations in business and politics
  2. Regional variations in political discourse
  3. Implicit forms of society self-organization
  4. Daily Life in Russia in the 21st century

Architecture and Design:

  1. Analysis of China architecture and town planning heritage as a major platform for the ьstudy of the East Asia immovable material culture history.
  2. Analysis of architectural and town-planning heritage of Pacific Rim countries.
  3. Evolution of the architectural image and three-dimensional structure of the residential development in a town-planning culture of the East Asian medieval settlement


  1. The language units as a source of cultural information.
  2. Innovative techniques of foreign students teaching.
  3. The figurativeness of a scientific speech.

Economy and management

  1. Strategic development of the regional innovation system
  2. Designing the conditions and evaluating the priorities of innovative economic education development
  3. Development of methodological provisions for assessing the commercial potential of innovative projects
  4. Study of modern concepts of municipalities' competitiveness
  5. Investigation of the relationship between industrial competitiveness and regional economic systems
  6. Infrastructure development as the basis of an PNU innovative environment to support small innovative entrepreneurship, high-tech production staffing and transfer of research results into the Far East Region real sector of economy
  7. Strategy implementation of the new economy development through the innovative regional clusters formation

We would like kindly ask you to bring the information given above to the notice of your colleagues in Departments and motivate them to apply for Aurora grant.

For any further clarification please contact:

Julia Leonova
Head of Research & Engineering Program Department
The Office of International Affairs
Pacific National University
Russia 680035, Khabarovsk, Tikhookeanskaya Street, 136
Tel/fax: +7 (4212) 72-07-12

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