Information for foreign applicants

Advantages of studying at PNU

  • University provides high-quality higher professional education on a wide range of fields of study in Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, pre-university programs and postgraduate courses. PNU is certified by International Standard ISO 9001:2008 for the provision of educational services
  • International educational programs, internships and student academic exchanges are realized. Strong international educational relations with 68 foreign universities and research centers of the world.
  • High quality of education is ensured by close partnership with industry, transport, service sphere and other sectors of the economy.
  • High level of IT infrastructure:
    • local network and high-speed Internet access, access to electronic educational, cultural and recreational resources and information
    • supercomputer laboratory and Center for Space Technology
    • TV studio "TOGU-Time", student radio, newspaper "Techno-Polis", magazine "My University"
    • Research Library of PNU - book stock 1,600,000; electronic facilities with unlimited access to the resources of the largest libraries of Russia and the world
    • all first-year students of full-time training are provided with netbooks
  • Wide opportunities for research. PNU has the student scientific associations and clubs, the student design and construction bureaus; in total several thousand students participate in them.
  • High level of accommodation and study comfort. Classrooms are equipped with modern teaching equipment.
  • At PNU high emphasis is placed on the development of creative abilities of students, student recreation and sports. High level of informatization, providing students with a wide range of information services.
  • The PNU scientific library is the largest university library in the Far East having book fund of over 1.6 million volumes, various electronic information resources and the most advanced network of access to such resources.
  • Strong financial support from the government:
    • PNU is among the 22 best innovative universities of Russia (additional funding from the state budget in the amount of 90 million rubles)
    • PNU is awarded with support for strategic development programs among Russian universities (additional funding from the state budget in amount of 300 million rubles for the development of research and training facilities)
    • under the state program untill the year of 2025 PNU will become one of the four regional universities, leaders in its development with total investments up to 10 billion rubles of budget funds.

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