The PNU campus is 10 dormitories with a total capacity of more than 5,000 residents. Eight of them are located in the campus of the main building in the Northern District of Khabarovsk (on Tikhookeanskaya Street), two more are located on the campus of the Pedagogical Institute in the city center. All dormitories are within walking distance from educational buildings.

The campus infrastructure includes:


  • All dormitories are brick, warm, equipped with complete rooms for classes and leisure, gyms, showers and laundry rooms.
  • Bed linen is changed every 7 days. In the dormitory, it is allowed to additionally use your own bedding, oversized furniture, household appliances, with the exception of heating devices, in agreement with the head of the dormitory.
  • Rooms for improved living are completed with additional furniture, equipment and inventory.
  • Ensuring the safety of those living in dormitories is entrusted to a private security company (PSC). In each dormitory, a private security company on duty and a full-time floor attendant are on duty around the clock.
  • Dormitories are equipped with video surveillance systems and automatic fire alarms.
Dormitory type  Accomodations Price per month (subject to chance: depends on the season)
Corridor type (in the Northern District of Khabarovsk)
  • furnished room for 4 people;
  • 2 shared shower rooms (on the ground floor);
  • 2 toilets on the floor;
  • 2 shared kitchens on the floor;
  • in the room: 2 bunk beds, 2 wardrobes, 4 bedside tables, 2 wall shelves

1 215 rubles

Sectional type (in the Northern District of Khabarovsk) 
  • furnished room for 2 people;
  • 2 rooms in one section;
  • shower and toilet per section;
  • 2 shared kitchens on the floor;
  • in the room: 2 beds, 2 wardrobes and/or 2 bedside tables (the presence of a bedside table depends on the size of the wardrobe), 2 desks and 2 chairs, refrigerator
4 650 rubles
Sectional type (in the center of Khabarovsk) 
  • furnished room for 2-3 people;
  • 2 or 4 rooms in one section;
  • shower and toilet per section;
  • 2 shared kitchens on the floor;
  • in the room: 2-3 beds, 1 desk and 2 chairs (in rooms for 2 people) and 2 desks and 3 chairs (in rooms for 3 people), refrigerator
4 050 rubles


On the territory of the educational building, located in the Northern District of Khabarovsk, there are 3 canteens and 3 cafes. The campus houses the Flamingo cafe, the Polten-Center shopping and entertainment complex, which also has a supermarket, a canteen, a Golden Bird cafe and a Beerfest restaurant. A five-minute walk from the campus is the Nord shopping center, where there is a Pelican supermarket and a Pit Stop canteen.

On the territory of the educational building, located in the center of Khabarovsk, there is a modern cafe «Lozhka», cafe «Plantation».

Food cost

Average bill in the dining room 200 rubles
Average bill in a cafe 500 рублей
Average bill in a restaurant from 1000 rubles
Meals on average 20,000 rubles per month


There are the following types of public transport in Khabarovsk: bus, route taxi, trolleybus and tram.

Directions to the campus located in the Northern District of Khabarovsk: buses No. 4, 8, 11, 21, 23, 35, 46, 47; fixed-route taxi number 49, 68, 71, 81; tram number 5 - stop «Technical University».

Directions to the campus located in the center of Khabarovsk: buses No. 14, 19, 21, 29k, 55; fixed-route taxi № 58, 82; trolleybus number 1 - stop «Far Eastern Humanitarian University».

At PNU, a foreign student can not only study, but also realize himself in the organization of leisure, artistic creativity, self-government and mass work.

Notable projects of PNU:

International volunteer project «Flowers of Memory»

Regional forum of volunteers «Who else if not me»

Youth Festival of Urban Environment   

Russian Students’ Parade - Khabarovsk

Patriotic action «Fires of Memory»

Student radio forum

Events with the participation of international students:

Adaptation program

The adaptation program includes excursions around the university, the student campus, and the city; a ceremonial lineup; acquaintance and communication with student mentors who will help foreign students to get comfortable at the university. At the end of the adaptation program, an event called «An evening of acquaintances» is held, where students will be able to introduce themselves, talk about their country, city, university and perform creative acts.

China Education Day

For many years, PNU has hosted a concert dedicated to the Day of the People's Republic of China. The program of the festive concert includes performances by Chinese and Russian students of PNU. Celebrating the Day of the People's Republic of China is a tradition of the university, which gives students from the Middle Kingdom the opportunity to celebrate their national holidays even away from home. The event also honors Chinese students for their academic, artistic and social achievement.

Festival «Freshman»

Every year PNU hosts a festival of artistic creativity «Freshman», where faculties and institutes present their creative performances. The festival is held within the framework of the Memorial Days of the first rector of the university, Professor M. P. Danilovsky. Traditionally, freshmen become the main participants and organizers of concerts. International students can also take part in the festival and perform with their own creative performance.

New Year's concert for Russian and Chinese students

Every year, on the eve of the New Year, a concert is held at PNU, in which students of PNU and other universities of Khabarovsk take part. The event is organized with the support of the PRC Consulate General in Khabarovsk. Traditionally, the rector of PNU and the Consul General of the PRC in Khabarovsk congratulate students on the New Year. The event honors Chinese students for their academic, artistic and social achievement. As congratulations, students prepare dance and musical numbers in Russian and Chinese. The festive atmosphere of the evening is created by cheerful contests and a New Year's lottery with the participation of Snow Maiden and Farther the Frost.

Festival «Student Spring»

Every year PNU hosts the Student Spring festival dedicated to the anniversary of the victory of the Russian people in the Great Patriotic War. During the festival, foreign students can take part in creative and scientific events.

World cuisines

«Kitchens of the World» is a competition that has no national borders. Cuisines of the World have been held at PNU since 2018, but have already established themselves as an interesting and informative event. The competition helps participants to introduce viewers to the culture of their country through national dishes.

Concert «Goodbye, PNU! Hello, PNU!»

Every year, students of the Northeastern Agricultural University (China, Harbin) organize a concert «Goodbye, PNU! Hello, PNU!» The event also honors Chinese students for their academic, artistic and social achievement.

Many creative studios for choreography, vocals, photography, acting are waiting for you!

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