Office of International Affairs

Pacific National University is a large educational and scientific regional center of Russia, focused on teaching students from Asia-Pacific countries. The university attracts lecturers from leading universities in Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and China to improve the educational process.

PNU is the leader of international education in the Far East, for more than 25 years leading the training of foreign students in most engineering, economic, humanitarian, sociological areas, architecture and design, pedagogy and education. The university offers training in additional educational programs, including academic exchange programs, internships, educational programs in Russian as a foreign language, as well as advanced training programs for foreign teachers of Russian as a foreign language. The University annually holds summer and winter schools for international students.

Since 1989, PNU has taken a course towards the development of international cooperation, and at the moment educational and scientific ties have been established with foreign partners. (

More than 1000 foreign students from more than 30 countries study at PNU annually: China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Algeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, France, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and others.

The university was certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 in the field of providing educational services.


Prof. Aleksandr Zubarev

The First Vice-President for Strategic Development and International Cooperation

Doctor of Economics

Tel/Fax: +7(4212) 73-40-03


Office: 237ц (center)



Ms. Veronika Gorelkina

Deputy Personal Assistant of the First Vice-President for Strategic Development and International Cooperation

Tel.:  +7 (4212) 73-40-03




Born on February 11, 1952 in the town of Spassk-Dalniy, Primorsky Krai. Graduated from the Engineering and Economics Faculty of Khabarovsk Polytechnic Institute (1974) with a degree in Economics and Organization of the Machine-Building Industry, postgraduate studies at the Leningrad Voznesensky Institute of Finance and Economics (LFEI) (1978). He defended his PhD thesis in economics "Economic problems of improving product quality", doctoral theses "Economics of product quality in the transition to market relations" (1992).


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