Educational Programs Department

The Department includes:

  • Sector of Educational Programs
  • Sector of Evaluation and Examination of Education Documents
  • Sector of Extracurricular Activities

Olga V. Porva, Head of Educational Programs Department

Tel. +7 (4212) 73-06-49

Elena N. Gurieva, Deputy Head of Educational Programs Department

Tel: +7 (4212) 37-52-65, 73-06-49

Ekaterina M. Morozova, Document control specialist

Тел.: +7 (4212) 73-06-49

Anastasia  A. Bakhrushina, Document control specialist

Tel .: +7 (4212) 37-52-65, 73-06-49

Sector of Implementation of Educational Programs

Olga A. Nadtoka, Translator

Tel.: +7 (4212) 73-06-49 

Sector of Evaluation and Examination of Education Documents

Alina I. Bocharova, Translator

Tel. +7 (4212) 73-06-49

Sector of Extracurricular Activities

Liliya V. Shevyakova, Document controller 

Tel. +7 (4212) 73-06-49

The main tasks of the Department are the following:

  • Participation in realization of international educational programs in a framework of its competence;
  • Participation in the development and realization of the university policy which is aimed at the expansion of university international activity and increase of efficiency of its functioning;
  • Informational, normative and instructive-methodological providing of PNU departments in the realization of the international educational programs;
  • Participation in the educational process organization for foreign citizens at PNU and monitoring its execution;
  • Participation in the organization of additional  professional education system and services for foreign citizens, organizations;
  • Assistance in the organization and development of the international and interregional cooperation

The Department functions are:

  • Participation in prognostication and control of realization of the international educational programs and projects in which PNU takes part;
  • Realization of agreements about international cooperation in the field of education;
  • Accomplishment of education services monitoring;
  • Organization of educational, cultural and sports activity with foreign students and their participation in the social life of university;
  • Providing translation of documents into Russian and foreign languages which are necessary for the organization of educational process, and conducting the international correspondence;
  • Preparation of foreign documents to recognition and equivalence establishment of education documents;
  • Consulting foreign citizens concerning notification of education documents of foreign states and confirmation of professional qualification;
  • Carrying out pre-examination of documents of foreign states about education;
  • Implementation of accounting for and control migration of foreign citizens.

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