Educational Programs Formation Department

Anastasia E. Senchenko, Head of Educational Programs Formation Department 
tel.: +7 (4212) 72-07-12

Iuliia M. Neznanova, 1st Category Translator
 tel.: +7 (4212) 72-07-12

Maksim S. Gretchenko, Translator
tel.: +7 (4212) 72-07-12

The main tasks of the Department are the following:

  • Monitoring of international educational market on the purpose of search for new foreign partner universities.
  • Internal and extramural participation in foreign international educational exhibitions, fairs and school contests on the purpose of PNU promotion and support of foreign citizens admission.
  • Preparation of promotional materials in the foreign languages for foreign students/organizations with the information about Pacific National University, academic programs, application procedure, visa support, social and living conditions. Organization of materials placement at PNU website as well as promotional and reference websites of Russian and foreign organizations on the purpose of PNU promotion.
  • Development of the programs for joint training of foreign students at PNU and Russian students at foreign partner universities under the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses, including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree courses.
  • Direct contact with foreign universities, high schools and organizations on the purpose of support of foreign citizens admission to PNU.
  • Preparation and organization of signing of international agreements/addendums to cooperation agreements.
  • Organization of short-term summer language programs for foreign citizens at PNU and Russian citizens at PNU foreign partner universities.
  • Organization of language and professional internships at PNU for foreign citizens.
  • Support for inviting teachers from foreign universities to PNU for lectures, master classes and joint researches.
  •  Consulting and information services on the questions of study abroad (on the contract basis) and participation in international scholarship programs. 

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