Inviting foreign teachers and experts from various sectors of economy under agreements with foreign universities, foundations, companies

PNU invites foreign teachers to give lectures, hold the seminars and workshops and teach foreign languages.

Thus, during the annual forum “New Ideas of the New Century” held by the School of Architecture and Design, foreign professors give lectures to PNU students and faculty members.

In May 2012 by invitation of the PNU president Professor Zhang Baichun visited the Chair of Sociology, Political Science and Regional Studies. Mr. Zhang is a professor of College of Philosophy and Sociology, Director of Institute of Religion and Culture, Director of Russian Culture Research Center at Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China). He gave a number of lectures in history of Chinese philosophy, culture and civilization. Professor Zhang is one of the leading specialists in Orthodoxy and Russian philosophy in China.

PNU pays great attention to the quality of teaching foreign languages. In this regard the university involves the native speakers in the educational process. Over 10 years the Japanese language has been taught by the teachers sent by the Japanese-Russian Foundation of Youth Exchanges (Tokyo, Japan). The teachers have been working at the Chair of Foreign Languages and the Chair of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication. Under the Agreement between PNU and Heilongjiang University (Harbin, China) the volunteer Chinese teachers have been working at the Chair of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication. In 2012-2013 academic year the English teacher has worked at the Chair of Foreign Languages under the Fulbright Program (USA).  

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