International partners

One of the most important tasks of education in Russia at the present stage is to prepare highly qualified specialists for the national economy and integration of Russian universities in the world education system.

Since 1989, the University embarked on the development of international relations in the field of education, exchange of scientific information and research, holding of international symposiums, conferences, seminars and educational exhibitions, academic exchanges of leading scientists, professors, teachers and students, training of foreign students in PNU education of Russian students in leading universities abroad, creating joint ventures with foreign universities and educational firms, research centers and laboratories involved in scholarship programs for cultural and sports exchanges.

Pacific National University supports scientific, educational and industrial relations with 83 institutions from all over the world. The University has the most significant international educational exchanges and programs with universities of Asia-Pacific region.

Anhui Agricultural University
Beijing Chengyonggu Academy of Information Technology
Beijing Normal University
Beijing Professional Technical University 
Beijing University of Technology
Changchun Guanghua University 
Changchun University
Changchun University of Technology
Changzhou Institute of Technology
Chinese-Russian Tehnopark in Changchun
Chongjing Jiaotong University
College of Humanities and Sciences of North-Eastern Normal University
Dalian Neusoft University of Information
Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Dalian University of Technology
Daqing Normal University 
East China Normal University
Gannan Normal University
Harbin Engineering University 
Harbin Normal University
Harbin University of Foreign Language
Harbin University of Science and Technology
Harbin University of Technology
Heihe University
Heilongjiang International University
Heilongjiang University
Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology
Jiamusi University 
Jilin Hua Qiao Foreign Language Institute
Jilin Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Jilin Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Jilin Institute of Russian Language
Jilin University
Mudanjiang Normal University
North China Electric Power University
Northeast Agricultural University
Northeast Forestry University
Northeastern University
Qingdao Binhai University
Qufu Normal University
Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology
Shenyang University
Shenyang University of Chemical Technology
Shenyang University of Technology
Tainjin University of Foreign Language
Tainjin University of Technology
Xinjiang Agricultural University
Zhenghzhou University
Institute of Mechanical Engineering
University Montpellier 2 Sciences and Technologies
Institute Fraunhofer
Research and Development Company EvoLogics GmbH
World Upper Program, Treviso
Association of Musanino-Tamma-Khabarovsk  
Group of Colleges NSG
Hachinohe Technology University
Kanto Gakuin University
Komatsu CIS, LLC
Meijo University
Tokyo Seimitsu Company, Ltd
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
University of Niigata Prefecture
Mongolian State University of Science and Technology
Jagiellonian University
South Korea
Andong National University
Changwon National University
Chonbuk National Machanical and Technical High School
Chungju National University
City Administration of Jung-gu District
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology 
Inha University
Jeju National University
Kangwon National University
Korea Agriculture, Fisheries and Food CEO Association (KAFFCA)
Pai Chai University 
Seokyeong University
Sunmoon University
International Premium Sourse Inc
National Development Initiatives Institute 
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Iowa State University
Russian Centre of International University in Hanoi

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