Student International Club

Student International Club «Friendship» is an association whose activities are aimed at developing and strengthening of interest in the study of foreign languages and foreign culture. We also welcome everyone who wishes to share the unique traditions of Russia with foreign students of PNU.

Active members of the club are representatives of various countries: students and teachers from Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries.

The club is engaged in both educational and active social activities. The Council of the Club, which includes not only Russian, but also foreign students, is held within the walls of PNU. The Council develops a plan of open events, the purpose of which is:

1.  Internationalization of educational activities;

2.  Creation and strengthening of friendly relations between students from different countries;

3.  Еxpansion of knowledge about languages, history, customs of different peoples;

4.  Development of creative and intellectual abilities of students;

5.  The formation of teams and associations for the development, discussion and implementation of their own projects.

Everyone can come to open events: not only students of Pacific National University, but also schoolchildren, students from other universities, as well as everyone who has an interest in foreign languages.

If you want to become part of our Club, join the Council and become a volunteer in organizing international events, as well as help foreign students with the process of adaptation at PNU, please come to Office 237center for more information.

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