Information for postgraduate students

More than 20 internationally recognized Scientific Schools were established at PNU. PNU scientific researches are carried out in different fields of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, including Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Information and Telecommunication Technologies, Nanotechnologies, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning, Sociology, Economics, Jurisprudence, etc. During the last years PNU scientists got the world-level results in research projects in Mathematics, Nuclear Theory, Thermal Conductivity Modelling, Kinetics of Combustion Processes, Software and Data Communications, Probability Theory, Magneto Optic Phenomena within the frames of fundamental research. There were also created the Mathematical Models, Algorithms, Software Tools of Submerged Images Processing, and there investigated the Effect of Nanosecond Electromagnetic Pulse Irradiation on Physical Properties of Alloys.

The main fields of applied researches are the following: Measuring, Calculation and Control Devices, Information Processing Systems; Computer- Based Information Systems Design; Development of Robot System including Submerged Robotics; Applied Material Science; Improvement of Technological Processes and Machines Design and Mechanisms; Improving the Efficiency of Transportation Using and Improvement of its Operating Characteristics; Engineering of Logging Technologies and Timber Processing; Problems of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection; Forest Reserve Restoration; Alternative Energy Sources Generation; Design of Industrial and Civil Buildings and Constructions; Development of Modern Construction Technologies and Operation of Transport Facilities. Annually more than 1000 scientific papers which cover the results of PNU scientific investigations are published in leading Russian and foreign journals and proceedings of international conferences. The University scientists take part in international conferences and symposia in China, the USA, Japan, Italy, Portugal and other countries.

Continuous development of material and technical basis of the University and usage of modern scientific equipment contributes to the increase of research effectiveness. There are more than 20 laboratories, more than 20 Scientific-Educational and Engineering Centres and 4 Students’ Design Engineering Bureaus at PNU. The University pays great attention to the development of innovation activity associated with realization of research results by the industrial enterprises and also makes its best to involve professional and teaching staff engaged in applied research. During the last years, PNU has established a number of innovative subdivisions: Innovation and Technology Centre, Technology Transfer Centre of the Khabarovsky Krai, Impulse Centre, “The Far Eastern Technology Transfer Centre” a nonprofits partnership. The project of Students’ Business Incubator was also realized. The results of many applied research were realized by the Far Eastern industrial enterprises such as « Komsomolsk-on- Amur Aircraft Production Association» named after Yuri Gagarin (KmAAPA) which is included in “Suhoi” corporation, Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur petroleum refineries, JSC “Far Eastern Generating Company”, enterprises involved in Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Projects the Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 and by other enterprises.

The University teams of researchers actively participate in various competitions for conducting research within the framework of the Federal Target Programs, Scientific and Engineering Programs, Grants in different scientific fields (grants of the Grant Council of the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian Government, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, of the Federal Agency for Education and the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation, international and regional grant programs).

Annually research projects of PNU scientists are presented at Major International Scientific and Engineering Exhibitions, including Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments (Moscow), International Exhibition & Congress “High Technologies. Innovation. Investments” (St. Petersburg), Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property “Archimedes” (Moscow). They were mentioned with a lot of highest awards, including gold and silver medals. In 2011 ten innovations out of 31 presented by the Khabarovsky Krai and awarded at international forums were developed at Pacific National University. Annually PNU staff and teams of researchers receive not less than 50 patents, certificates of registration of computer programs. The effectiveness of obtaining patent protection is 80 percent of number of applications for inventions and utility models. Totally PNU scientists submitted 350 inventions and utility models for patenting and obtained 300 patents since 2000 till 2010.

The Department of Industrial and Intellectual Property provides the legal protection of research results at the University. In 2008 the Regional Patent and Reference Information Centre was established at PNU within the frames of “Development of Nanotechnology Industry Infrastructure in the Russian Federation in 2008-2010” project. Its primary functions are: to provide advisory services on intellectual property (IP) protection; to provide access to databases of the State System of Scientific and Technical Information; to carry out analytical, patent research; methodological and consulting support for registration of IP Rights Scientific staff training is realized in 40 majors at the University Postgraduate schools. The Doctorate degree training is conducted in 7 majors. During the last three years there were defended 12 doctoral theses and 41 PhD theses by the members of PNU academic staff. There are 6 dissertational councils in 11 majors. The University is a cofounder of four joint dissertational councils. These councils were established on the basis of other higher educational institutions and work in 7 majors. During the last three years there were defended 6 doctoral theses and 80 PhD theses at PNU dissertational councils.

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