Dear foreign citizens, We inform you about the changes in Migration legislation!

During 3 working days educational institutions must inform regional departments of Federal Migration Service about:

  • discontinuation of study (expulsion);
  • graduation;
  • transfer to correspondence study;
  • university stop-out.

In case of late notification of Federal Migration Service about these points educational institute is responsible according to ст. 18.19

Notifying regional departments of Federal Migration Service (about discontinuation/graduation of study, transfer to correspondence study, university stop-out), PNU’s employee responsible for migration control must supply required documents in Federal Migration Service for making transit (departure) visa for foreign student. Foreign citizen received transit visa must leave Russia’s territory till the date in transit visa. 

Foreign students graduated/expelled on basic professional educational program cannot study on Russian courses, traineeship or in post-graduate studies. For that you need to return in your homeland and receive new invitation, only in this case you can continue your education in Pacific National University on courses, traineeship or in post-graduate studies.

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